Derrick Rose is one of the remaining top NBA free agents, and two glamor teams are in hot pursuit. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers are locked in a tight battle for his services with the ultimate decision left at the hands of the injury-prone guard.

Rose is a former MVP, but the individual award is nothing if he ends his career without an NBA title. If that is in line with his manner of thinking at the moment, the easy choice would be joining the Cavs. Should he opt for playing time and the chance to lead, the Lakers loom as the better option.

Is Rose hungry for a title?

It is any NBA player’s dream to win the ultimate prize, an NBA title. Between the Cavs and the Lakers, the former holds better chances mainly due to LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and a talented roster. Though the Cavs did bow to the Golden State Warriors, he would be a valuable addition.

But joining the Cavs will come at a price. This means having to settle for diminished minutes, sharing them with Irving unless they play together. If Rose would be inserted into the starting unit, one can just imagine how many touches he will get.

Rose is a player who wants the ball in his hands. He is a take-charge guy, a role he used to have with the Chicago Bulls. With the likes of James and Irving, that could be a problem unless he tones down expectations.

Right now, that seems to be the only drawback.

Rise with the Lakers

If an NBA title is not among his immediate priorities, he could take up the Lakers offer. With a young team, Rose can assume the role of leader for the rebuilding Lakers. However, there is no promise of success with the Los Angeles likely to target a playoff berth this coming season.

If he opts to go to Hollywood, Rose will reunite with former Chicago Bulls teammate Luol Deng. There is also recruit Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, someone who he could share the floor or minutes with.

Rose is still young, so he could still shrug off the forgettable history of injuries for as long as his knees can hold up. With a short-term deal, he could rebuild his stock and renegotiate for a higher pact if he does well under Magic Johnson’s watch.

At 28, Rose still has a lot of playing years ahead of him for as long as he stays healthy. Critics point out his style of play, something he may have to adjust if he is to play longer in the NBA. So far, that has not shown.

Either way, Rose has suddenly found himself in the spotlight. His knees may be suspect, but the competitive nature from within still grows. All he has to do is make the necessary adjustments, and D-Rose can likely recall his old MVP form.