The New York Knicks are headed in a different direction meaning the “Triangle Offense” is no more. Erstwhile team president phil jackson has resigned from his post, and team owner James Dolan is currently evaluating their next move.

Jackson came in hoping to prove that he can weave the same magic as a head coach. He is the same man behind the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers run and had hoped to do the same to the New York Knicks. Nothing came close to that, albeit that parting of ways.

The D-Rose issue

With Jackson out, the Knicks are back to rebuilding mode.

That begs to ask the future of the star players on the roster, particularly Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose. Anthony has frequently been mentioned in trade rumors though there is no clarity as of this writing. Several teams have been linked, but so far nothing has come close to materializing.

The same holds true for Derrick Rose who is looking for another max deal. Before Jackson resigned, the Knicks were open to retaining Rose – only if his health and price are right. It should be noted that it was Jackson quoted on those so there could be changes on the horizon.

For Rose, seeking max pay from the Knicks or any other NBA team may be a long shot. His knees are suspect so he may be left with only two choices.

One is to settle for a lower contract or join a team willing to pay him big bucks but via short-term contract. Of the two, the former seems to be the logical scenario.

The Knicks can easily hand D-Rose a max contract if he didn’t carry troublesome knees. The Knicks may be better off spending money on younger and promising players or perhaps invest that on someone like Kristaps Porzingis.

Free agency frenzy

Rose prides himself on being a former NBA MVP. He had quietly produced numbers last year, and there is a chance he could blossom once more. Durability will be key, and the only way to do that is to change his style of play. He has proven himself offensively though his defense needs work. If he finds a way to stay healthy, he can be an asset for any team.

The Knicks will likely wait-and-see what free agency holds for Rose. They could pitch or end up looking for someone else. Right now, the future of Rose falls on his hands. But wishing a max contract right now may not be feasible unless some team is willing to take the (big) gamble.

Rose will also have to consider that there will be plenty of players looking for lucrative deals. Rose may be old, but his troublesome knees have severely hampered his stock.