Just recently, rumors of UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor getting knocked out during a sparring session came out. The boxer who did the trick was allegedly Brandon Rios according to another boxer, Jesse Vargas.

Seeing how McGregor is technically new to the sport, a KO hardly comes as a surprise. But the thing here is whether the whole thing was actual or made up.

The whole thing seems to be a fabricated piece, potentially a mental piece thrown into the Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match circus set to happen next month. If that is the case, the undefeated American boxer could care less until he sees actual footage of it happening.

Brandon Rios denial

With no proof, the best thing to do right now is to talk to the one who allegedly knocked out “The Notorious.” When asked about it, Rios denied having done so and was surprised at what Vargas was talking about. In fact, he doesn’t even know who McGregor is though he would love to spar and maybe knock him out.

BamBam’s denial was later on seconded by Conor McGregor’s management team. They did one better by revealing that Rios was not even part of the training camp of the Irishman. Hence, most are now wondering where Vargas got that piece about McGregor getting knocked out.

Mayweather could care less

Unsurprisingly, Mayweather was asked about it though he would rather see actual footage of the knockout.

The 40-year-old boxer has been around to know when some mind games are thrown in the mix and apparently he knows how to handle them.

At any rate, Mayweather has been taking his swipes at McGregor though the latter has been more aggressive. Either way, such makes the undefeated boxer unpredictable and dangerous.

According to the “Flamboyant One,” the Irishman has rekindled the flame of the old vintage Floyd Mayweather.

While that could mean more bad news for McGregor, it could be another monkey wrench thrown into the mix to build some hype for the August bout.

Most are siding with Mayweather mainly because it is a boxing match. Manny Pacquiao picks his conqueror over the Irishman and the same belief is shared by pundits.

Mayweather could easily knock out McGregor though he is likely to take the cautious route.

He has been criticized for his tactical punches, opting to wear down his opponents. The task of doing that could be a bit tough considering Conor is just 29-years-old.

McGregor may be an underdog but anything can happen. A lucky punch could change it all despite the tall odds of him doing so. Some call it a circus and nothing more than a money-making scheme. Despite all that, most are still eager to see who comes out on top.