The NBA draft pick is just around the corner, and the Los Angeles Lakers have options opened for their No. 2 pick. It seems that the Lakers remain interested in Markelle Fultz, he might just be the right man for the team. But on the other hand, Josh Johnson, DeAaron Fox, and Lonzo Ball could be one for their No. 2 overall pick.

The Boston Celtics hold the No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA draft on June, 22. The Celtis could also opt for Markelle Fultz, but the Lakers are probably hoping that they could get to Fultz. As for Lonzo Ball, he was humble, when he met the team, there are chances that he might be with the Lakers draft pick in two weeks.

It seems that the Lakers could still accommodate the UCLA product, but nothing is for sure yet.

Lonzo Ball's explained his workout at the Lakers facility

Ball very well did his thing when he met with the Lakers officials, he went on court and shot the ball, but he did not blow the Lakers away or seal any deal. Apparently, when he was on the court with the Lakers, he did not move away from the pack. Lonzo Ball, in an interview, stated that he did a lot of shooting because there was nothing much left for him to do in that format. He further said that his evaluation for his defense or pick-and-roll game was not possible.

Josh Jackson's workout with the Lakers was also a one-to-one process. There was more focus on addressing matters about his shoot.

The players will also have another second round of workouts with the Lakers. As they allow themselves to be tested, the second visit might be more stressful.

Magic Johnson's involvement in the workouts

The Lakers President, Magic Johnson has been associated with every process of the pre-draft. Johnson has involved himself during the workouts and has asked players to do some things on the spot.

He believes that there are many important aspects to be considered when it comes to workouts. Lonzo Ball had dinner with the team's President, coach Luke Walton, and General Manager Rob Pelinka. He also got to catch up with the Lakers owners Joey, Jeanie and Jesse Buss for lunch on Wednesday.

As for Jose Jackson, he is the only forward among the four players.

The Lakers, it turns out, might not be looking to fill in someone for that position. In the interview, Lonzo Ball stated that the Lakers need a point guard and a leader, he feels that he will bring that to them. However, the Lakers have Russell and they look at him as a strong combo guard for the team.