LeBron James has been to the NBA Finals eight times and has been there for seven straight seasons. However, in that timeframe, James has only won the NBA Championship three times, twice with the Miami Heat and once with the Cleveland Cavaliers. If the Golden State Warriors complete their sweep of the Cavaliers tonight, that will make James record in the NBA Finals 3-5 and LeBron hates to lose as much, if nor more, than anyone in the NBA.

That has caused some to wonder if LeBron James will leave Cleveland once again if the Warriors complete their sweep tonight.

While it seems almost unfathomable considering how he left before and returned emotionally. However, national media outlets have begun to question if James desire to win more championships could drive him away from a Cleveland Cavaliers team that might not be willing to spend to keep up with the Golden State Warriors.

Where could LeBron James go?

The biggest rumblings are that Lebron James could set up another super team like he did with the Miami Heat but this time do it on the West Coast. There were even thoughts last year that James brought the NBA Championship to Cleveland and felt that could be enough to move once again somewhere warmer with more opportunities.

LeBron James already owns a home just 30 minutes away from the Staples Center and it is not out of the question that LeBron could cement his legacy if he could bring a super team to revive the once proud Los Angeles Lakers.

Rumors have it that Paul George really wants to move to California to play. The Los Angeles Clippers are also worried about losing Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Restocking with LeBron James and friends could make them instant NBA Finals contenders finally.

What would it take to stay in Cleveland?

Of course, when LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, he mended a lot of fences with fans who burned his jerseys years earlier.

Leaving now would not undo that good will because fans might not trust him as much as they used to. Plus, he brought the Cavaliers a championship. But, it would still hurt and set Cleveland back significantly once again.

LeBron James is a free agent in 2018 so there is still time for the Cavaliers to do what they need to do to keep him in Cleveland.

If the Warriors sweep the Cavaliers, LeBron might want big changes and that could include bringing in a high-priced free agent to pair with him, turning Cleveland into somewhat of a super team itself. If the Cavaliers owners are not willing to spend the money, there is a good chance LeBron will play for someone who will.