Last year around this time, the Golden State Warriors had the opportunity to close out the NBA Finals on their home floor in Game 5, but Draymond Green did not participate in that game because he was suspended one game for his inappropriate behavior in Game 4. Then they had the chance to go back to Cleveland to close out but failed. The Warriors had another opportunity to win the championship at home in Game 7 but blew a 3-1 series lead, closing the series in devastating fashion.

However, in 2015, the Warriors won the championship in Cleveland, ending the series in six games.

Now the Warriors have Cleveland’s backs against the wall again, leading 3-0 in the series with the chance to win it all in front of Cavaliers’ fans at the Quicken Loans Arena. For Green, nothing would be more satisfying to win in Cleveland again.

Draymond Green would be happy to win title in Cleveland

“It would be very satisfying to do that,” Green said. “Obviously, we’ve won it here before. It’s a good feeling. We’re celebrating on their floor, celebrating in their locker room, quieting their crowd. As an athlete, the best feeling is going into an opponent’s and enemy territory and just silencing the crowd.”

Being the vocal guy on the team, Green should be very ecstatic Friday night, as the Warriors look to make history by being the only team to go undefeated in the playoffs.

Green’s engine should drive the Warriors to victory. After all, Green blames himself for earning a suspension last Finals, which prevented Golden State from winning back-to-back titles. Having the opportunity to get redemption, Green will certainly get the troops in order and make sure they close this thing out.

LeBron James and company must avoid a sweep

No one in the history of the NBA has come back from a 0-3 deficit, so many expect the series to be over. However, for LeBron James and company, they must do everything in their power to extend the series because anything can happen. They must avoid getting swept because it would obviously look terrible on LeBron’s resume.

They have to win at least one game to avoid embarrassment and send the series back to Golden State.

The troubling part is that they haven’t been able to find answers to Golden State’s explosive offense. Even in Game 3, the Cavaliers had a six-point lead late in the contest and were unable to hold on. The Warriors ended the game on an 11-0 run to win, 118-113.

Game 4 is scheduled for 9 pm Eastern Time on ABC. Will Draymond Green fulfill his satisfaction of winning on the road again or will the Cavaliers be able to live another day?