The NBA draft is all set to be held this year on June 22. There are always rumors swirling around this time, and it appears that the Sacramento Kings are looking for new options. The hot news is that the Kings are looking forward to acquiring De'Aaron Fox, the guard from the University of Kentucky.

On the other hand, Frank Ntilikina and Jayson Tatum might be on the list to move up for De'Aaron Fox. Apparently, the organization has been discussing moving Nos 5 (Jayson) and 10 (Frank), to make way for Fox. The projection is that Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz will be the first two players to be selected in the draft.

Philadelphia 76ers might have a better chance of landing De'Aaron Fox

To get to Fox, the Sacramento Kings need to get through the Philadelphia 76ers. With the projected 3rd pick in the draft, the Sixers have a better chance of getting De'Aaron Fox. Moreover, the team has been linked with Fox multiple times, and they have been committed to securing his services. The Kings are in a tough spot because right after Philadelphia they need to get through the Phoenix Suns, who have the No. 4 pick in the draft pick.

As for De'Aaron Fox, there is a good chance that the Kentucky guard can excel with the Kings. When looking at his options with Philadelphia, he will have the chance to prove himself, but it is all left up to the team to decide what they want to do at the end of the day.

Chicago Bulls may trade Jimmy Butler

While rumors are certainly circulating, the Chicago Bulls might have an exit planned for Jimmy Butler. The Bulls might be willing to trade their small forward and shooting guard after all. Butler has been the center of trade rumors since well before the NBA trade deadline. With the draft date approaching soon, Butler might be on his way.

According to ESPN, the Chicago Bulls front office and Butler already had a meeting regarding his possible exit.

Looking at Jimmy Butler's contract, he still has two more years left with the team. The Bulls know that Butler is their best player, but the superstar also has a player option for the 2019/2020 season. At this moment, the Bulls don't necessarily need to pull the trigger and trade him.

However, there is the possibility for other teams to start putting together offers. If the price is right, they may just part with their franchise player after all.

Before the NBA draft, there are expected to be many possible trades. The Lakers are also consistently looking for a new option on the team.