When the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to trade away their star point guard Kyrie Irving, fans could not believe their eyes. Discussions began during the start of the offseason after Cleveland lost to the Golden State Warriors during the NBA Finals. Both Kyrie and LeBron were frustrated to a point of no return. For years, LeBron James has been focused on receiving more help through the support of the bench players on the Cavs team. Sports analysts and spectators agreed that LeBron had been constantly playing without the star power that is required to win a title since signing back with the team he called home first.

Kyrie Irving wanted more power on an NBA roster. It can be said that sometimes NBA fans downplay the importance of Kyrie in Ohio. It made sense to give both stars what they were asking for. It wasn’t long before the NBA watched as the Cleveland front office traded away Kyrie to the Boston Celtics, a young team that has the chance to become something great down the line. As the NBA season continues to play itself out in its early beginning, who will have the most success, Irving or James?

Lucky in Boston

In the last ten games in a Celtics uniform, Kyrie Irving has been performing like only Kyrie can. He has shot about 45 percent from the floor while averaging roughly 20 points a night. The Boston Celtics are currently 14-2 with the best record in the NBA.

The Golden State Warriors have a record of 11-4 and are battling for the number one spot in the NBA standings. According to the ESPN.com power rankings, the Boston Celtics are the third strongest team in the league. With consistent play from Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum, the Celtics have been a little bit more than lucky.

Struggling in Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers have not looked the same during the beginning of this NBA season. Although the team still sits in the sixth spot in the rankings, it is apparent that the ball club is missing the reliability Kyrie Irving provided. The Cavaliers are currently 9-7 as they continue to gain chemistry with their new 2017-18 roster.

LeBron James has been leading the team as usual. His roughly 28 points per game have been carrying the team night in and night out. With Isaiah Thomas out, Derrick Rose has been seeing more of the NBA hardwood. Thomas was a key part of the off-season trade between Cleveland and Boston and it seems as though the Celtics have lucked out this time.

With the Cavaliers struggling and the Celtics, thriving many could say that the Celtics received the better half of the deal. Kyrie Irving is more valuable to the Celtics and Cavaliers than the picks that were exchanged to receive him. As the NBA season continues, the Boston Celtics seek to prove to the NBA that their front office won the trade battle of 2017.