At the WWE "Backlash" 2017 PPV the women's division was under the spotlight. For weeks now there has been a divide amongst the WWE "SmackDown Live" women's division. Upon the arrival of Charlotte Flair to the roster, fans saw Natalya, Charlotte, and Tamina decide to form a heel alliance. From there, the trio, which also featured Carmella's ringside helper James Ellsworth, began to wreak havoc on the rest of the women's division. That included taking out Charlotte and Naomi during their championship match on "Smackdown" and then destroying Becky Lynch when she tried to intervene.

The continued brawling amongst these women eventually led to a six-woman tag match being set up at WWE "Backlash" 2017.

Six women's tag match

The six women's competitors made separate entrances with the heel trio out first. James Ellsworth started the intros with Carmella, followed by Tamina who arrived out in ring gear that was strangely similar to Nia Jax's look. Natalya was out third to more of a crowd ovation than the other heels. Next out was Becky Lynch with an interesting new hairstyle, followed by "The Queen" Charlotte Flair, and then WWE "Smackdown" Women's Champion Naomi with her glow dance entrance.

Tamina gained control to start things off against Becky, with Natalya soon tagging in and getting a small package near fall.

Becky battled back to tag in Charlotte who took control of Nattie. However, the Welcoming Committee used heel tactics to isolate Charlotte in their corner and kicked away at her. Tamina soon tagged back in to deliver more kicks before Carmella came in to continue with elbows to her opponent.

The women's champion eventually got the hot tag and really took it to Carmella.

She set up for her corner move but Tamina came over on the apron to distract her. That allowed Carmella to get back control of things as she grabbed Naomi by the hair and the kicked her leg moments later before taunting her. Carmella delivered a Bronco Buster for the near fall with Ellsworth cheering her on.

Natalya and Carmella tried to double team the champ but Naomi was able to fight them off.

Tamina tagged in and tried to cut her off from a tag. As Naomi kicked away she jumped to make the big tag, but Carmella yanked Becky off the apron before she could. From there, Tamina hit the Samona Backdrop but luckily Charlotte got in the ring to break it up. Eventually, Naomi was able to withstand Nattie's attack and dove to tag in Becky.

Match winners?

Natalya seemed to gain control late and set up for a Sharpshooter. However, Becky turned things around and had the Disarm Her locked in. Carmella rushed in to break that up, and then Charlotte rushed in to take out Carmella. Tamina came in and kicked Charlotte, taking her out of the match.

Moments later, Becky regained control by fighting off Tamina.

However, she didn't account for the fact that Natalya was still recovering behind her on the mat. Nattie was ready and quickly grabbed Becky to put her into the Sharpshooter. Becky struggled for several moments but was eventually forced to tap out, giving The Welcoming Committee the big win.