To start off Sunday night's big WWE "Backlash" 2017 pay-per-view in Chicago, fans were treated to the official main roster debut for Shinsuke Nakamura. "The King of Strong Style" was well-received as he is in most arenas when he made his entrance to face "The Showoff" Dolph Ziggler. With the match opening the PPV, which of these "SmackDown Live" superstars captured the big victory? Here is the Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler match results and highlights from Sunday's event.

Match details

There were no special stipulations or titles on the line here.

This was a straightforward one-on-one bout. It featured Nakamura getting an early advantage with several holds and smart moves. However, Ziggler managed to retreat to the outside. Shinsuke kept control until he tossed Dolph back in the ring. That allowed "The Showoff" to recover and hit a neckbreaker to gain the momentum for himself.

Ziggler made the mistake of toying with his opponent and taunting him along with it. After yelling at him near the ropes and delivering a headbutt, Dolph found himself on the receiving end of several strong kicks from his challenger.

Nakamura stayed in control with a variety of moves fans don't see in matches much. That included laying Dolph face down across the top ring corner and then delivering a knee to his gut. Moments later, Shinsuke locked some sort of submission hold on his opponent but Dolph managed to get his legs to the ropes. As Nakamura tried for a followup move, Ziggler countered it and hit a huge DDT for a near fall.

Dolph had another near fall a bit later, but Shinsuke escaped it. From there, Ziggler delivered the Fameasser to put down his opponent but once again Nakamura kicked out.

"The King of Strong Style" was said to be feeling the effects of the match and was favoring one of his shoulders.

Match winner

Dolph prepared to put away Shinsuke Nakamura late. With his opponent down on the mat, Ziggler revved up for a Superkick. Shinsuke avoided that move but was caught by the Zig Zag for another near fall.

Dolph prepared for a power bomb late but Shinsuke escaped it and delivered a kick to the back of Ziggler's neck. Moments later, Nakamura tried for an Exploder move but Ziggler landed on his feet and then kicked Shinsuke in the back of his neck. Another near fall followed with Shinsuke barely kicking out of it.

Toward the end of the contest, Dolph Ziggler spit in his opponent's face, which got Nakamura riled up to deliver multiple knees to his gut and then to his face from the apron.

From there, Shinsuke climbed the corner and went for a big knee to finish it. Dolph avoided the move, but Shinsuke caught him with the Exploder and then prepared for his finishing move, Kinshasha -- a huge knee to the face for the winning pinfall.

With that, Shinsuke Nakamura achieved his first win on the WWE main roster to kick off the latest pay-per-view, "Backlash." One has to wonder if this momentum will lead to more matches with Ziggler or something else next.