During Sunday's WWE "Backlash" 2017 results, AJ Styles took on Kevin Owens for the WWE United States Championship. Owens was a multiple-time champion coming into this title defense, while Styles had never held the U.S. title belt. He would try to achieve his first reign for his WWE resume during the event in Chicago, Illinois. However, the reigning champion would do just about anything to hold on to his championship. With AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens, which of these two "SmackDown" stars would leave Allstate Arena as U.S. champion?

Top stars battle

Before the bell even rang to start the match, an "AJ Styles" chant started up in favor of the challenger. He exchanged some early offense with Owens and got a near fall. The two locked up in the corner with the ref breaking them apart and Owens going after Styles' leg. Moments later, AJ had another near fall. Styles managed to put a headlock on Owens for a bit. The two competitors hit the ropes and Styles went for a dropkick with Owens managing to avoid it and escape the ring for a break.

Kevin Owens managed to take control of the match back inside the ring. The US Champion grounded Styles and then landed multiple strikes on him. He locked a headlock on AJ and asked the ref to see if he wanted to quit.

A bit later, the champ hit a DDT, but Styles kicked out before the three count. Eventually, Owens delivered three Senton Bombs on Styles for a near fall.

After that failed pinfall, Owens settled into another headlock on his challenger at WWE "Backlash." Styles would eventually regain some momentum, though, as he delivered an outburst of offense, including a huge clothesline, and a flying forearm after running the ropes.

However, his pinfall was only a near fall. He went for the Styles Clash, but Owens managed to escape that. AJ hit a slam move onto his knee for another near fall but seemed to be favoring his knee after the move.

The U.S. Champion fought right back and was able to hit a small package neck breaker on Styles for another near fall.

He continued to target AJ's hurt knee after that and slammed it against the ring post to try to do further damage. He followed that by tossing Styles against the ring steps, bringing him back in the ring and hitting a Canonball on Styles in the corner. Owens would go on to put a Single Leg Crab submission lock, and then a bit later, an ankle lock. Styles was wisely able to reach the ropes to break it.

AJ Styles would again do his best to gain momentum after connecting on a Pele Kick after Owens slapped away at him in the center of the ring.

The champion would later go for a huge move off the corner, but Styles reversed it and hit the huge Powerbomb on the champ.

Moments later, Styles wanted to go for the Phenomenal Forearm but his bad knee caused his leg to go out as he went for the Springboard.

Who won the match?

Owens would deliver his own huge move off the corner, hitting a big suplex for a two count. Moments later, the two fought out onto the apron with Styles suplexing Owens on the ring apron. Kevin collected himself and was able to shove AJ into the timekeeper's area. AJ would regain momentum and hit a flying forearm from the barricade near the timekeeper's area.

The two fought on top of one of the commentators' tables. Styles set up Owens for the Styles Clash, but Owens countered it and managed to shove AJ's bad leg into an opening on the table.

Owens slid back into the ring to beat the count out as Styles' leg was caught in a bunch of wires and cables, causing him to hang by his leg over the table.

Post-match, Owens went over after the referees had freed Styles and delivered a big kick to the back of his opponent's head. Kevin Owens will leave Chicago as the WWE U.S. Champion. Meanwhile, two referees had to help Styles walk backstage due to his knee injury.