On Sunday evening, the Allstate Arena was treated to an early championship match on the WWE "Backlash" 2017 card. In the second contest of the night, the team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango (a.k.a. "Breezeango") took on The Usos for the WWE "SmackDown" Tag Team titles. The duo had never held the tag titles before but has recently been entertaining fans and gaining plenty of popularity. Was Sunday their night to finally grab gold within the ranks of the WWE? Here's a look at the match highlights and the Breezeango vs. Usos results for who won this title bout.

Match recap

Prior to this matchup, fans got to see another episode of The Fashion Police in the "Fashion Files." This time around, it was learned that Tyler Breeze was a master of disguise. A frustrated Fandango was shown inside the police barracks until a "lowly" janitor entered the room with a mop in hand. It turned out to be Breeze, and he even headed out to the ring wearing that particular outfit, with mop and bucket accompanying him down the ramp.

That played into the early part of the match as he started off in the ring, mopping around the mat as the legal Uso scoffed at him. He punched down Breeze at one point and went for a splash off the corner. However, Breeze did a slow-mo roll each time The Usos went to a different corner to attempt the move.

The mop even came into play as he held it up to mop his opponent's face.

Later on, Fandango entered the match for a bit until it was time for a tag out. By then, Breeze had on a new disguise as a "Grandmother" with a cane.

The match brought out cheers for a mop and "Let's go Grandma," among others. A Bronco Buster was even busted out at one point by Breeze, disguised as "Grandma." Later, Breeze even hit the Unprettier for a near fall.

Match winners?

Later on in the bout, things went to the outside where The Usos managed to dump Tyler Breeze, now dressed in his ring gear, into the front row.

Fandango did a flip over the ropes out onto both Usos to take them out at ringside.

Fandango tried to gain control and went for a move from the corner with one of The Usos down in the ring. However, the other Uso snuck up on the apron to deliver a huge kick. Fandango fell to the mat and was promptly pinned, allowing The Usos to retain the WWE "SmackDown" tag team titles.

The Usos celebrated their WWE "Backlash" win with their tag team titles as they headed up the ramp, while Tyler Breeze and Fandango regrouped after the loss in the ring. As the commentators said, The Usos survived the match against Breezeango, so one has to think there may be a rematch in the near future involving these teams.