The running back position in the NFL is beginning to make a resurgence. Many teams are looking to have a back they can rely on to run the ball and become a weapon as a receiver as well. The NFL Draft saw a resurgence in teams needing a running back as Leonard Fournette was chosen fourth overall and Christian McCaffrey was chosen eighth by the Panthers.

This new breed of running backs made it hard for Adrian Peterson to find a new home after the Vikings didn't exercise his player option. The running back position is the best position to build your team around, as a solid run game is critical to team success.

These are the top five running backs coming into the 2017 NFL Season.

Le'Veon Ball

Le'Veon Bell had and all around year last year. With many having questions coming into last season after is drug policy suspensions, he made sure those haters were quiet very quickly. Bell rushed for 1,268 yards last season and averaged almost five yards per carrying.

Bell's patience played a big role in his great season, as he allowed blocks to form and take advantage of the crease that was there. He averaged 105 yards rushing last season which is great for the rest of the offense. He also was the team's second-leading receiver with 616 yards. He was a genuine definition of a dual-threat running back, beating teams on the ground and in the air.

Bell will have the tools to put on an encore to his 2016 season and defenses should watch out for him.

David Johnson

Many forgot about David Johnson last season because of the Cardinals lackluster season. But he is one of the few bright spots in that Cardinals offense. Johnson ran for 1,239 yards last season and an impressive 16 touchdowns.

He carried much of the load for Arizona as Carson Palmer was hot and cold last season. Johnson was just as good running the ball as he was catching it as he had 879 receiving yards.

The was second on his team and first out of all the players at his position. Johnson has his fumbling issues, having five and losing three of them last season.

But Johnson is a workhorse at running back he will be poised to run through opponents again coming into the new season.

Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott, or "Zeke" as many call him, burst onto the scene as a rookie last year. He was the centerpiece of the Dallas offense as they made sure to get him involved early and often in most games. Elliott led the league in rushing with 1,631 yards last season along with 15 touchdowns. Many would say he was running behind the best line in football, but he had to make other defenders miss once he got past the line.

He would use a stiff arm or his usual hurdle move to catch defenders off balance try to tackle him. Zeke is more of your old school style running back, putting his down and fighting for extra yards.

Many will say he will have a sophomore slump, but Zeke is ready to dominate the field once again coming into his second NFL season.

DeMarco Murray

Many would remember DeMarco Murray for his tough times in Philly under Chip Kelly's offense. Many can't blame him for that as he wasn't placed in the right running system. When he got to Tennessee, it was a different story. In 2016 he ran for 1,287 yards and nine touchdowns. Murray was back to running downhill, and it took a lot of pressure off of Marcus Mariota.

Murray's resurgence last season was a good sign for the Titans, as many see them giving the Colts and Texans a good fight for the AFC South Crown. Murray found the right system, and now he is running the hard-nosed football, he is poised to have an even better season than last year.

Jordan Howard

The Bears season was very unsuccessful last season, but they had one reason to have hope for the future. Jordan Howard proved to be a gem, playing great football in his rookie year. He rushed for 1,313 yards last season, as he was the only consistent thing in the Bears' offense last season. Howard averaged over 5 Yards Per Carry which was second best in the league. Howard fits the Bear's season of downhill running and benefitted from that last season. With a decent QB in Mike Glennon to help take the load off of his shoulders, Howard is going to have an even more dominant year than last season.

The running back position is on the come up once again in the NFL, and many teams are making sure they have their back ready to produce.

These backs are the five best coming into the season, as most of them had a lot to do with their team's success last season. Many teams will need to stack the box when they face these backs, but even that might not be enough.