Richard Jefferson is one of the oldest and most experienced players in the NBA. He has been through it all on the hardwood, has played on and played against many great teams in the past 17 years so what he has to say, holds a lot of significance. What he had to say recently is just another example of it.

Draymond Green recently took a shot at the Cavaliers. He went on record saying that the Cleveland Cavaliers are facing abysmal competition in this year's playoffs, and the Warriors are facing much more of a challenge. Basically discrediting any success the Cavaliers have achieved so far in the playoffs, crediting all their success to the terrible performing opponents.

But this wasn't taken lightly by the Cavs players, especially one of their main locker room talkers, Richard Jefferson.

Richard Jefferson doesn't agree with what Draymond had to say

Richard Jefferson was not happy with what the Golden State Warriors all-star power forward had to say. He felt disrespected by the comments made, and it was enough for him to come up with a livid response. Jefferson said:

"To criticize what other people are doing... I think it's just best that you take care of whatever's in front of you. But you should never criticize what other people/teams are doing. At the end of the day, if you are working with an efficient group of guys that are handling their business, then you should take it." Richard questioned Green's idea of all the teams he has faced, being at full strength.

Which is something, RJ doesn't believe to be true.

These are some strong comments from the NBA veteran, using his disgust to subsequently tear Green's comments apart. It's not unusual for RJ though. There has been many instances throughout his career both on the floor and off the floor in which he has stepped up and had his say, in situations where he felt the need to speak up.

Richard threw shade at the Warriors for their 'lucky' 2015 championship run

A lot of people feel the Golden State Warriors were somewhat lucky in their run to the NBA championship in 2015, facing injury rattled teams on their path. And one person who still remembers this, is Richard Jefferson. He crtisized Draymond Green for critiquing the Cavaliers playoff path this season, by reminding him about the run down teams Draymond's group faced in 2015 and this year.

RJ said:

"Because obviously we know what Portland and Utah have accomplished this year, or just in general. I can imagine with Nurk being out, obviously Portland was at full strength. With George Hill being out, obviously Utah was at full strength. Mike Conley being out a couple years ago.. full strength. Cavs not having Kevin or Kyrie at full strength."

Richard Jefferson is not taking anything lightly from the mouth of Draymond, RJ feels he doesn't have the right to talk. And RJ has a point, the Warriors did get off a little lucky with some injuries during the 2015 playoff run, which helped them get their first NBA championship in over 40 years. But at the end of the day, what's happened, has happened, the Warriors are the 2015 champions, the Cavaliers are the 2016 champions, and the world can only wait to see who holds the Larry O'Brien trophy for the year of 2017.