Kanye West has been in news headlines for almost two weeks now, and most of the reasons why aren't good. From his adoration of Candace Owen's thinking style, to him professing his "love" for President Trump, wearing the controversial Make America Great Again hat, and to his most recent statement saying 400 years of slavery was a choice has all received negative feedback from mostly everyone, especially his fans and the African-American community. What people might be missing is the Message or movement Kanye is trying to create behind his actions.

What Kanye might be missing is just a change of words or a different approach to what he's trying to do so people can see the true meaning. But instead of burying Mr. West, let's try to understand where he is coming from.

By no means am I letting Kanye off the hook for his actions. Some of the words choice he used was poor, which made some of his statements look misinformed, ignorant, and downright silly. All I am trying to do is help people understand the message behind his actions.

We got love

The first thing that people need to understand about this new free-thinking Kanye West is that he is trying to replace the hate that has this country currently at odds and replace that with love. Many people questioned as to why a person like Yeezy would tweet about his love for Trump.

Kanye realizes that Donald Trump is a polarizing figure who is in a very powerful position and many people, especially minorities don't like or sometimes even use the word hate when they describe their feelings towards the president. What Kanye is trying to do is use a person who is hated by many, and attempt to show that person love.

During his day spent with TMZ, Yeezy explained that instead of using the strategy many are using now, which is hate, why don't they try to love. West further explains that he believes love conquers all, and that love is the most powerful force.

Now, Kanye West is at fault here let's not get things mixed up. He should've been more clear on the specific things that he likes about Trump and he later did in his interview with T.I.

and Charlemagne Tha God, saying he liked the idea of Trump "doing the impossible by winning the election and proving that anyone in America can become president." He goes on to explain that he doesn't agree with half the stuff Trump does. Wearing the MAGA hat is another one of Kanye's attempts at unifying the people and showing love. All Kanye wanted to do here is further his movement of loving even more. He wanted people to see beyond the symbol of the hate and focus on the words on the hat. Because when people see that hat, they automatically connect it to Trump and his personal and political views which is driven by hate and causes more hate. Kanye wanted to change the narrative of the hat, really going with the words printed on it and trying to make America great again with love.

Again Kanye should've thought about this more before he posted. Maybe he could've given an explanation as to why he was wearing the hat instead of simplifying wearing it and posting a picture without explanation. Wearing that hat would make anyone question why they wear it, but if Yeezy gave some background context as to why he was wearing the hat, it might've actually helped his message instead of harm it.

Free thinking Ye

Freethought is also something that Kanye has been talking about in his recent return to Twitter and the media. In the interview with Charlemagne, West explains how stress, being manipulated, and other things led to his hospital visit back in of 2016. In the same interview, Ye explains that he now feels free and that attaining this free thought mindset, has helped him get to that point.

Now all he wants is for everyone to think freely and how they want. He wants everyone to think how they want and say how they feel without fear of judgment from others.

Ye does not want people not to be stuck in a mental prison that others put them in. He believes that being able to think freely will eventually allow people to feel free. He thinks that people are being bullied into what they think and simply doesn't want that. He encourages people to think for themselves, and not be hindered by the opinions of others. Kanye saying that "400 years of slavery was a choice" (TMZ) and leaving it at that wasn't smart. Many of the Africans and African-Americans that were slaves were forced to leave their homes, live in squalor, and work for nothing and receive terrible food and endure constant physical, verbal, and emotional abuse by their white owners.

The effects of slavery can still be seen today as African-Americans continue to be marginalized by society. Many were born into it and simply had no choice but be a slave. However, if they accepted this way of life and didn't feel as though they could change it, this I where I believe Kanye is getting at. Yes, slavery was not a physical choice as many African and African Americans were shackled, chained, beat, and forced into slavery. Kanye is talking from a mental perspective.

To be put in slavery is one thing, but to accept it and believe it to be the way of life is another. I believe that Kanye was trying to say is that being stuck in the mental prison of "I am a slave, and nothing will change." is a choice.

There have been a number of slave revolts in US history (Nat Turner, John Brown's raid, Chatham Manor) and even though they weren't 100 percent successful they had that mindset of "I am not a slave, I shouldn't be a slave." They weren't confined to the mentality their white owners tried to put on them of "You are a slave, you're my property, you will always be a slave." Kanye's word choice was wrong and that blocked what he was trying to say and he attempted to clarify his statement later on Twitter, but the damage was already done.

Kanye West's message has been clouded by his poor choice of words, or lack thereof, and his reputation for being erratic, and unpredictable. If I could offer any words of advice to Kanye West I'd tell him this: "Think before you tweet or speak, make sure you fully explain the reason behind your statements, fact check everything and use smarter word choices when you do speak." Even though the message Yeezy was trying to portray might be for nothing in the eyes of many, that doesn't mean he won't stop trying.

Kanye wants everyone to speak and think for themselves and start showing love instead of hate. How he goes about doing that is anything but predictable. You can check out Mr. West's interview with Charlemagne and hear his song he dropped talking about Trump, the MAGA hat, and more below.