The Oklahoma City Thunder have a lot of questions this coming offseason. Despite having a "big three" of their own with Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony the Thunder struggled to find their groove all season, resulting in a first-round playoff exit, courtesy of Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz. Many experts and fans had the Thunder as title contenders, but now all they are is a disappointment. With Paul George set to hit free agency, Melo aging, and Russell Westbrook still not looking like a player you can build with, the Thunder have a lot to do this summer if they want to get back to title contention.

Failed experiment

The Thunder traded for George and Anthony during last year's offseason. The Thunder expected big things from this new trio, but their expectations didn't come to fruition. The Thunder finished 7th in the west and clinched their playoff spot in the regular season's final days.

The Thunder showed flashes of what they could've been throughout the season, but that wasn't enough. They thought they found their stride in Game 1 of the first round when Paul George was on fire, but the struggles resurfaced and that cost them the series.

The biggest concern when this "big three" was formed was whether they would all get the ball enough. All three of these players were originally in systems where not only were they the primary ball-handler, but all three specialize in isolation offense.

It was going to be a struggle to get all of them the ball as much as they wanted, and it was evident throughout the season. The Thunder only averaged 21 assists per game, which ranked 28th in the NBA. The lack of ball movement and the poor shooting from the Thunder is what eventually ended their season.

More questions than answers

As they start their offseason early, the Thunder have more questions then they have answers. One of the biggest questions is what will happen to Paul George, as he is set to be a free agent this summer. Rumors have been swirling that George is looking to go back to L.A and play for the Lakers.

George has been relatively quiet about his future, but hopefully we'll get some insight as he has to plan for his next move soon.

George averaged 21.9 points this season and shot 43 percent from the field, both lower than previous seasons (ESPN). George might want to be in control of his own team, or he might want to join Westbrook for years to come. There have been reports that he is leaving OKC but that remains to be seen.

Carmelo Anthony is another question mark for the Thunder. Anthony accepted a lesser role with the Thunder this past season which caused him to average a career-low 16.2 points per game (ESPN). Melo has already made it known that he has no intention of coming off the bench, which might cause the Thunder to move him. Melo didn't seem to fit with OKC and he might be looking for another home, possibly the final team of his career.

After failing with two other stars, what is to be made of Russell Westbrook? Despite averaging a triple-double in back-to-back seasons, Westbrook still can't get OKC past the first round. The biggest complaint about Westbrook is his decision-making, as he takes a lot of questionable shots and commits some sloppy turnovers. He is still under contract so the Thunder can only trade him, but will they? Do they realize that they can never win with Westbrook?

The Thunder will need to exhaust all their options this offseason in order to be in title contention. They will need to keep or sign another star or attempt to get a mega-deal for Westbrook. The Thunder fan base has been with them through everything, but now they demand a championship. Will the Thunder front office live up to those demands next season?