The NFL Draft took place at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The First Round seemed to be going as planned when the Browns took Myles Garrett No. 1 overall. But, once that pick was over, so was the script of the draft. Teams traded up, traded down, and some teams made shocking picks, going far away from many experts' mock drafts and projections. This first round only symbolized how unpredictable the NFL draft is.

Bears get Mitch

The Bears were originally supposed to have the number three selection in the draft. Many thought they were going to pick Jamal Adams from LSU.

But nobody expected them to move up one spot in the draft, trading spots with the San Francisco 49ers. They gave up the third pick in the 2017 draft, a third and fourth round pick, and a pick in the 2018 draft, and selected QB Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick, shocking many experts and people in the football world. This move raised eyebrows, as the Bears signed Mike Glennon to a huge contract. This might show that the Bears want Glennon to fail, or that this is a move to train their QB of the future when Glennon's contract runs out. The Bears gave away a lot just to move up one spot, so this Trubisky pick better pay off, or the Bears will have a huge bullet to bite later on.

McCaffrey in Carolina

Nobody had a solid idea what Carolina was going to do with the eighth pick in the draft, but nobody expected them to go after a running back. The Panthers selected Christian McCaffrey from Stanford, shocking many experts once again. The Panthers still have Johnathan Stewart at running back, but they don't have a finesse back like McCaffrey.

McCaffrey is a shake n' bake running back and can be placed at receiver, showing his versatility at his pro-day. McCaffrey will be useful in kick and punt return situations, as the Panthers lost Ted Ginn Jr. in free agency.

Mahomes a top 10 pick

The Chiefs made the biggest jump in the draft, moving up 17 spots to the tenth pick in the draft.

They moved all the way up to get Patrick Mahomes out of Texas Tech. This is the best fit for Mahomes, as he has raw arm talent and great mobility on the field. He will be able to learn under Alex Smith, who is one of the most consistent QBs in the NFL. Andy Reid will be the best coach for him, helping him with his mechanics. Some have compared him to Brett Favre, with his arm strength and ability to ad-lib on a busted play. Mahomes is in the perfect situation under QB whisperer Andy Reid, and his ability to learn and watch a good QB in Smith before he becomes a starter is only going to help moving forward.

Deshaun in Houston

The Browns traded away their 12th pick to the Houston Texans, as the Browns lost out on their QB in Mitchell Trubisky.

The Texans traded Brock Osweiler to the Browns so they are in need of a QB. They got what they wanted, as they got Deshaun Watson with the 12th pick. Watson is a proven winner and the Texans were able to get their QB for the future. The bigger question is if Watson will come in as a starter or take the time to learn and fix some mistakes. Only time will tell

Gareon Conley in Oakland

Gareon Conley has had a long week, as rape allegations made his stock drop in the draft. Many thought he wouldn't be drafted until the second round, but the Oakland Raiders decided to take him with the 24th pick. Conley has good coverage skills, ball skills, and has an overall decent corner. The Raiders seemed like a great fit for him, as they take chances on players, and hopefully this one pays off.

The first round draft was full of surprises and big names going to big teams. The draft is unpredictable, as was seen tonight. Watch out for more surprises in round two on Friday night at 7.p.m.