The San Antonio Spurs playing at home against the Houston Rockets sounds like a must have NBA ticket. When the game holds the energy of a semifinal western conference playoff game, the game becomes ten times better. Newspapers and headlines would automatically deem the game as a “must-win” opportunity for both teams.

When the Spurs played on live television, people started to raise their eyebrows. It is to no surprise that the Spurs play during their showcase against the Rockets was unacceptable as the team trailed 27 points when the final buzzer sounded.

Houston had team participation

The Rockets left the three-point line in flames Monday night. The team set a franchise playoff record when they were able to finish the game with 22 three point shots made. It was nice to see a different team leader in points as Trevor Ariza held the team down with a consistent shot from the arch.

He ended the game with seven three-point daggers. James Harden still contributed to the point total. He finished tying Clint Capela for the second highest amount. The two were both able to knock down 20 points. Houston also had three other players reach double-digit point totals, each knocking down two or more threes. The team trotted off the hardwood understanding that their mission was accomplished.

They delivered the message to Kawhi and the Spurs.

Spurs couldn’t send or receive

The Spurs were definitely embarrassed with their performance on Monday night. The Houston Rockets were able to get into the heads of the some of the league’s best veterans. Only one player from the Spurs finished the night with a field goal percentage that was 50 percent or better.

Even when shooting a team high of 66 percent, Paul Gasol only took three shots and brought in 6 points.

Kawhi Leonard lead the team in points, but he only was able to make five shots which were also the teams high. No one of the Spurs rosters was able to get in the rhythm, and it showed throughout the night. The Rockets were able to obtain a 39 point lead on the Spurs while the Spurs could not lead by more than 2 points.

The display left the home crowd in astonishment as it is evident, the Spurs are not the same team that they use to be.

Game 2 shows something new?

After both teams read the headlines of Monday’s fiasco they must be able to refocus. The Houston Rockets are not in a position to get comfortable. The San Antonio Spurs are one of the teams in the West that have the most playoff experience. They know how to bounce back. The Rockets must continue to work on the offensive side of the ball as well as play good defense throughout the duration of the game. The home crowd will be watching closely as they expect their Spurs to send the right message back.