The Los Angeles Clippers are facing the possibility of losing Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and JJ Reddick to free-agency all in the same summer. The Clippers’ championship bid absorbed a big blow after Griffin was ruled out for the remainder of the postseason with a toe injury. Without the All-Star power forward, the team’s championship virtually closed, and a core break-up becomes inevitable this offseason.

Chris Paul

Although the general feeling was Paul will eventually re-sign with the Clippers prior to Griffin’s injury, there are already rumblings that the All-Star playmaker might look for viable option elsewhere this offseason.

Paul will turn 32 less than two weeks from now, and still without the ring after 11 years in the league. Sure, he can earn $200 million in his next contract by sticking with the Clippers. However, the prevailing question is: Can he fend off the temptation of playing for a more championship-ready team?

Kevin O’ Connor of The Ringer speculates that the Spurs might be a legit threat for Paul’s services, should they make the necessary moves to absorb the point guard’s max contract. After all, San Antonio remains one of the powerhouses in the Western Conference, a year after Tim Duncan retired. The prospect of Paul playing alongside Kawhi Leonard under the tutelage of Gregg Popovich is certainly intriguing on a pure basketball standpoint.

“Even for teams that already have a point guard, Paul is an upgrade almost anywhere, and teams should be lined up around the block for him. What’s stopping the Spurs from creating cap space, or what if a partnership with his Banana Boat buddy Dwyane Wade is more appealing than running it back with the Clippers?” O’Connor writes.

JJ Reddick

The sharpshooter is another player looking to make a big splash in the free-agency market. Averaging 15 points on 44% shooting and 43% from beyond the arc this season, Reddick will be a hot commodity for teams that seeks additional firepower to their offense. O’Connor thinks Reddick’s future with the Clippers hinges on the decision of team Steve Balmer, if he thinks his core players are worth keeping for despite the drawback of paying a luxury tax.

Blake Griffin

The likelihood of Griffin staying with the Clips increases after the season-ending toe injury. O’Connor claims that it’s going to be hard for Griffin’s suitors to offer him a multi-year deal worth at least $25M per season given the player’s injury history. However, there’s still a possibility a sign-and-trade deal could happen, especially if his hometown team Oklahoma City Thunder is willing to take a gamble on him.