The San Antonio Spurs have been the most successful franchise in the NBA during the 2000's era. This has been highly attributed to the great coaching of Gregg Popovich, and the general management was continuing to bring in talent and keep the team at a high level. A legendary player has led every season, from David Robinson to Tim Duncan and now Kawhi Leonard, maintaining the team at the top. While LeBron James has had many battles with the Spurs in the NBA finals, he still holds a lot of respect for the franchise. This is proven when LeBron compliments the Spurs on "playing well" for the last two decades.

A consistency that he told reporters, no other team comes close to.

LeBron talks about the Spurs

King James was asked in the postgame interview after the Cavaliers suffered a defeat to the Washington Wizards about his upcoming matchup. The reporter mentioned the Spurs are playing great recently, and LeBron replied with a funny but true remark saying: "They've been playing well for the last 20 years, nothing has changed."

LeBron knows all about the Spurs success; he's had the first-hand experience twice, falling short against them 2 out of the three times facing off against them in the finals. He's also a student of the game and knows the history of the Spurs before he arrived in the league. But the current San Antonio Spurs team might be one of the best, with a record of 56-16 with ten more games to play, the Spurs look in great shape heading into the playoffs.

LeBron stated, "It'll be a good test" when analyzing the Cavs-Spurs game which will be nationally televised on TNT.

Spurs hold a unique respect from LeBron

There are many great teams in the league, and many great teams LeBron James has faced off against in the playoffs. But none of them have gained the same respect that the Spurs have received, from LBJ.

Gregg Popovich and the coaching staff is very complimentary of the kid from Akron, and vice versa. Plus they overall humbleness of the Spurs players would be big reasonings for this shared respect and appreciation. While LeBron does not despise the San Antonio Spurs, he will still be looking to destroy them on Monday night at the AT&T Center.