Future NBA lottery pick Lonzo Ball and his father Lavar have been in good spirits since last night's NBA Draft Lottery. Lonzo completed his freshman year of college at UCLA, and will most likely stay in Los Angeles if the Lakers select him as the number two overall pick in this year's draft. With Markelle Fultz being the top projected pick, Lavar and his son Lonzo's dreams should come true if the Boston Celtics decide to stick to the script.

Why Lonzo Ball fits with the Lakers

Lavar Ball may have spoken his son Lonzo's future with the Los Angeles Lakers into existence.

Lavar, who is also the founder of the Big Baller Brand, has had his son at the center of controversy throughout his entire college season leading up to the 2017 NBA Draft. Lavar has constantly expressed his interest in his son ultimately playing for the Lakers because it keeps Lonzo comfortably at home.

Ball attended what will be his only college basketball season in Los Angeles at UCLA. The Lakers are looking for that young star that can revive the franchise completely. They already have some nice pieces, but adding an all-around team player like Ball could bring back the showtime moments Magic Johnson helped orchestrate in the 1980s.

Marketing Lonzo

Lonzo Ball was able to show in his only college basketball season that he is a superstar talent.

He is a 6'6 point guard that has excellent all-around capabilities. Lonzo also has two younger brothers who have also committed to UCLA and are expected to join him in the NBA in the near future. Not to mention, he will be the only NBA player to enter the league with his own shoe brand. Lavar Ball has priced his son's first signature sneaker at the high-end price of $450.

Although the price for his sneakers may be outrageous to most, if Lonzo Ball can play at the high level he's capable of or better in a market like Los Angeles, those sneakers may actually start flying off the shelves.

Pre-draft workouts

Lonzo and his father Lavar Ball wasted no time after the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night to pledge their commitment to their hometown team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Ball's have already gone public and said that Lonzo will only workout for the L.A. Lakers prior to the 2017 NBA Draft this coming June. As usual, this stance by Lonzo and Lavar has placed them at the center of controversy yet again, with the media questioning whether this is a good approach for Lonzo, especially considering the draft's unpredictability.