The Chicago Bears are hoping that Mike Glennon can be the man in 2017. If he can't, then the team's general manager Ryan Pace believes Mark Sanchez will be a very good alternate choice. At the same time, Pace is clearly hoping what he signed Sanchez to do is to be a very quality backup quarterback who will never have to see the field because Glennon is having such a good season. It's a safe bet all fans of Chicago's NFL team are hoping Sanchez will never have to see the field. His time as a quarterback in the league has been less than stellar.

'I like him in this role for a lot of reasons'

Pace has said he likes Sanchez in the role of the Chicago Bears' backup quarterback for a number of different reasons. "He's the kind of player that exudes confidence. I like that about him. He's knowledgeable. He's smart, and him and Mike have already kind of clicked. They're together and they're organizing workouts on their own and those kind of things are important." Pace told the Bears' official website. It does take a certain level of confidence to play quarterback in the NFL, even, like Sanchez you aren't particularly good at your position. There have been plenty of teams that have hoped Sanchez could become something. The Bears at least don't really want him to do anything other than back up Glennon.

The Chicago Bears long history of bad quarterbacking

Whether it's Mark Sanchez or Mike Glennon, Brian Hoyer or Jay Cutler, it's been a really long time since the team has had a quarterback they felt like they could trust. Even the last time the Chicago Bears made the Super Bowl it was with Rex Grossman at the helm. This year they are going to be turning the team over to someone who lost the starting quarterback job to Josh Freeman at one point and Sanchez, a quarterback who has lost his job to ... well, everyone he's faced off against. Pace and the rest of the front office hopes Chicago can have a special kind of rejuvenating magic for this years' versions of the Bears quarterbacks.