The Washington Redskins had a rather rough free agency period in 2017. They gained a wide receiver in Terrelle Pryor for a year, but lost two exceptional ones in DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. Chris Baker was not happy about the way he was treated and left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then, there's the whole situation with Kirk Cousins at quarterback. Maybe 2018 will be better for the team.

Potential 2018 free agency losses

Without a doubt, the biggest loss Washington could absorb in 2018 is the loss of their quarterback. If trade rumors are true, Cousins could be gone before then.

Fans of the team likely don't need to fret too badly, though - top NFL quarterbacks seldom hit free agency.

Other losses could be coming next year, though. For starters, Pryor will hit free agency once more in 2018, a receiver that could be useful for Cousins or whoever takes over the quarterback position next. The team probably won't be too sad to see defensive back DeAngelo Hall's overpay contract come to an end. The Redskins are in danger of losing some players with extremely cheap contracts, though, such as kicker Dustin Hopkins and cornerback Bashaud Breeland.

Potential targets

If the Redskins does need to start over at the quarterback position in 2018, it should probably look outside of free agency, where there will mostly be temporary options available.

It's unlikely Derek Carr makes it to the open market, and Sam Bradford probably won't either. Jimmy Garoppolo will probably be around, but that's a high risk for a team to take so long as the backup expects more money than Mike Glennon received from the Chicago Bears this spring.

Defensive end could also be a position of need after Baker's departure.

Unfortunately, many of the pass rushers will be rather old when they hit free agency, or carry some serious question marks with them. Sheldon Richardson has all the talent in the world, but has very questionable judgment off the field; the Redskins don't want another Albert Haynesworth situation on the defensive line.