The career stats are not very impressive for Mike Glennon. He has started minimal games for Tampa Bay and got replaced by a guy who really likes crab legs. In his rookie year, he didn't have a terrible one, but only threw for a 59% completion rate. To be a good quarterback in the NFL you must have at least a 64% to start. Glennon is going to make $14.5 million dollars with the Bears. Mike Glennon with all his faults and little experience is going to throw contract talks with actual good quarterbacks all out of whack. Here are the quarterbacks that are going to benefit most of the Bear's moves.

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins agent is the smartest man in any room that he walks into. It's either that or Kirk has fallen into the luckiest situation of all time. This year alone, he is going to get paid $24 million no matter what he does. Don't get me wrong either I'm on the Kirk Cousins bandwagon. It took me a while to get on there, but finally I made it. His stats are great and with some talent I believe that he could make a playoff run butut next year will come back to reality with his contract.

Matthew Stafford

Matt Stafford's stats are out of this world.

It's too bad that he plays for Detroit. I know before the season even begins they aren't going to win. When the Bears are terrible they are the team I'm going for in the NFC North, obviously, I hate the Packers. Since He has turned pro, he has only two seasons that he hasn't thrown for at least 4,000 yards. The only real gunslinger left, he will command big money next year in free agency.

Being only 28 years old there will be a huge market for him. This year he will make $18 million.

Aaron Rodgers

I will always be an Aaron Rodgers hater. I can't count how many times since he has been in the NFL he has ripped my heart out.

But the fact of the matter is he is a generational talent at quarterback. He has won some games during the regular season and playoffs that made no sense.

If there wasn't a Tom Brady in this league it would be Aaron Rodgers. Last year his run was historic. Having said all of that he is only going to make $12.5 Million this year. Let that sink in. The second-best quarterback in the league is going to make less than Mike Glennon.