Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert loves pulling practical jokes, as he most recently did one for Cleveland fans during Friday's game against the Philadelphia 76ers. For the second time this year, the Cavaliers cut their pre-game montage short just to prank their fans with Rick Astley's song, "Never Gonna Give You Up," which is an internet-famous song for trolling people into getting "Rick Roll'd." In Cavs' version of the video, they called it "Cavs Roll'd."

Dan Gilbert's April Fools prank

April first is the day for pranks, which Dan Gilbert loves. He reportedly wanted to sign Dennis Rodman to a 10-day contract as an ultimate April Fool's day prank but decided not to.

Gilbert loves pulling pranks on the team like this. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, he pulled a prank on Mike Brown back in 2006, buying a remote-controlled fart machine and installing it onto Brown's seat.

Cleveland lightening the mood

It's great to see players, coaches, and owners having a lot of fun on April first. It's always a joy to have a group of guys lightening the mood in what is a very serious, professional sport. The Cavs' Rick Roll stunt was beyond brilliant, and if Gilbert actually signed Rodman to a deal, it would have made some hilarious headlines across the NBA. Imagine, bringing in a guy that has retired for years now and has had crazy off-court issues. The NBA world would burst out laughing at the struggling Cavs.

I could see it now, "Cavs sign Dennis Rodman to help with team's recent struggles."

Unfortunately, the reality of it all is that the Cavaliers are in tremendous trouble after a rough month of March where they only accumulated seven wins. They went 7-10 in the month, which was the same record as the last-place Brooklyn Nets. Maybe a little laugh would have eased the pain and stress the Cavs are currently feeling.

Month of April

The Cavaliers have seven games in the month of April, and their schedule doesn't get any easier. They play against all but one non-playoff team, including a marquee match up against the Boston Celtics.