From the outside looking in, the Washington Redskins are one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NFL these days. It appears there are some players, or more accurately now, some ex-players who feel the franchise is dysfunctional as well. The problem, for Ricky Jean-Francois is that he chose to let people know his viewpoints while he was still a member of the Redskins. The question now is whether Jean-Francois was always on his way to be cut loose, or whether the Redskins had a problem with comments he made on a radio talk show.

The Washington Redskins and the return to dysfunction

CBSSports reported that the now former Redskin went on the Sean Salisbury show to talk about how things were going for the team's offseason. He doesn't appear to have thought it was going well and that was before he lost his job. “It just seems like we’re getting back to the norm, we’re getting back to the dysfunctional, we’re getting back to the drama,” Jean-Francois said. “It just feels like at no given time we’ve never had that period, where we were just comfortable with everything and everything was just running smooth.” He said on the show. This was right before the Redskins fired their general manager and before reports surfaced claiming their quarterback had asked to leave town and was told "no."

Redskins player cut shortly after interview

Just why the Washington Redskins cut Ricky Jean-Francois is likely going to be open to debate in certain circles.

There are some who believed it was a foregone conclusion the player was going to get released in order to make room under the salary cap. Since the player was set loose, the team has seen an additional $3 million in cap room.

It's certainly possible Jean-Francois was not going to be considered for a spot on the team long before he made this appearance.

What ProFootballTalk has said though, is the player himself didn't realize the Redskins were looking to cut him loose. If nothing else, this doesn't cast the Washington Redskins in a particularly good light, considering everything else the team has done this offseason.