The Washington Redskins appear to be looking for someone, anyone who could replace Kirk Cousins in case the team decides they want to trade their starting quarterback rather than pay him the somewhat obscene amount of money he's looking to command. One report indicates the Redskins could even be settling in for at least one season of former Texas Longhorns quarterback Colt Mccoy.

It would seem that if the Washington Redskins truly want to start McCoy it could be a long season for a team that just gave it's head coach a two-year extension. McCoy last saw action as a regular starter back in 2011.

He last threw a pass that counted in an NFL game in 2015.

Pressed into duty

Riggo's Rag reports the team that is most hot after Kirk Cousins is the San Francisco 49ers. Kyle Shanahan has long liked what the quarterback has to offer and could be swinging a deal on or before the 2017 NFL draft. The Washington Redskins would likely demand the 49ers first round draft pick, which would give them the second overall pick.

The Redskins would likely use that pick to draft their quarterback of the future but that would mean they would have a hole to fill to start the 2017 season. Colt McCoy, who has been the team's third quarterback for the last few years would likely take over the starting job, for at least a few games.

Decent performances

One of the reasons the Washington Redskins appear ready to hand the job to McCoy, if they trade Cousins is because he has shown to be an "ok" game manager. Some scouts believe Cousins has managed to put up good, but not great numbers in that same kind of role.

In his last outing in a regular season NFL game in 2015, McCoy completed 7 of 11 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown.

One has to think that is one of the reasons the Redskins believe he could operate at least somewhat efficiently in Jay Gruden's offense. The only question now is just how much retooling the Washington Redskins are going to do this year. If they do let their top two receivers go the free agent route as well, it could be a long year in the nation's capital.