Finally, we can be done with this little social experiment that is Dwyane Wade with the Bulls. The Chicago Bulls guard sprained and has a small fracture in his right elbow, which will cause him to miss the rest of the regular season, the team announced Thursday. The injury occurred in the second half of Wednesday's 98-91 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. Wade tried to play through the injury but was taken out with 8:35 left to play.

"Not a good scenario, but kind of what I thought," Wade said Thursday. "I told [the training staff] I heard a 'pop, pop.' I said that yesterday.

Pretty much a dislocation at the time and it went back in. So kind of dealing with the aftermath of what that looks like and this is what it looks like." He went on to say that the bone did go back in and that the biggest thing to do now, is to protect the elbow. Making sure that it heals right so he can "get back to my football passes on the basketball court," according to ESPN.

Short career is likely over in Chicago

Dwyane Wade's time in Chicago will be remembered as an embarrassing moment for the historic franchise. The Bulls signed Wade to a two-year, $47 million-dollar deal, stealing him away from the Miami Heat. The 35-year-old was averaging 18 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists for the Chicago Bulls.

The signing of Dwyane by Chicago's front office was expected to bring the team to a top spot in the East, but as they sit now, they are out of the Playoffs. There are only 14 games to play in this season. Paired up with Butler, the Bulls' top brass expected to create a dynamic duo of success.

Wade's future with Bulls

Dwyane has a big decision to make before July 1st.

That is the date that he can become a free agent if he chooses. He could then take his time choosing a team, with a high likelihood to win another championship. If he stays, he will be picking up a player option that guarantees $24 million dollars, but this Bulls team does not have the players to go deep in the playoffs. The injury can give Wade an excuse to walk away from the failed marriage between the two.