Now that the Washington Redskins have fired their GM, the search is on for his replacement. The NFL franchise who might be having the worst postseason of any team this year has already gone through the biggest portion of the free agent signing period without a general manager. It's a safe bet the team would like to have someone in place by the time the draft rolls around.

Two names have moved front and center when it comes to who might eventually fill in for the recently fired Scot McCloughan. Those names are NFL analyst Mike Mayock and former Washington quarterback Doug Williams.

Both names are intriguing in their own way.

Doug Williams is the romantic pick for the Washington Redskins

The calls among 'Skins fans are only getting louder to give Williams his shot finally. This shouldn't be particularly surprising consider he's one of the most beloved players in Washington's history. The bonus is that it appears the Redskins would be hiring someone who has real love for the program and who actually knows what he's doing.

Just because he's a fan favorite doesn't mean Williams isn't someone ready for the job. He's been a member of the team's front office since 2014. It's possible he could finally get promoted from within and tasked with building the franchise he clearly loves.

Washington Redskins might be leaning towards Mike Mayock

While Williams might be the favorite fan pick, the man who seems to be building a real head of steam to take over in Washington is current NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock. The most interesting thing about this pick is that he does not have any front office experience. What he does have is an expertise in following and judging the draft.

It appears the Redskins are looking to start yet another rebuild and they will likely be doing this through the draft. There is very little doubt that Mayock would be well suited to evaluate talent in that avenue, but the question has to remain, why is Williams considered the back burner pick when he's been in and around the front office. What has become apparent is the Washington Redskins are going to continue to have to fight off perception they are floundering.