LeBron James has a great opportunity to enter NBA's history books this postseason, as he is very close to becoming the greatest scorer in the playoffs history. Cleveland Cavaliers are having another fantastic season, and it is highly unlikely that they will not reach NBA finals for the third straight year.

At the moment, the Cavaliers are the best team in the East, and they have a comfortable lead over the second-seeded Boston Celtics. If they keep this position, LeBron James and his squad might cruise to the finals, and the only team that could be a threat to them would be the Celtics, who they would most likely meet in the conference finals.

LeBron James' playoff resume is impressive

In 13 career seasons, LeBron James did not make the playoffs only twice, in his first two seasons. Ever since then, the superstar small forward has made it to the postseason, and the most impressive thing about it is that he reached NBA Finals seven times during his career. Furthermore, James has been in NBA finals for six straight years, and this year he could make it seven in a row. As a matter of fact, there have been only 12 players in NBA history to reach the finals more than LeBron James has done it, and he still has a few more years left in his career.

During his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the 32-year old forward won one championship ring and reached the NBA finals three times.

In Miami, LeBron James made it to the final stage in all four years he spent there, winning two championship rings.

James is currently fourth-best playoff scorer

Right now, LeBron James ranks fourth on the all-time playoff scoring list with 5572 points, but he only needs 416 points to become number one. Only Kobe Bryant (5640 points), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (5762) and Michael Jordan (5987) scored more points than James in the playoffs, but considering James' longevity; he will most likely beat the scoring record this postseason and become the greatest scorer in the NBA playoffs history.

LeBron James has averaged 28.0 points per game in his playoff career while shooting nearly 48 percent from the field. If the Cleveland Cavaliers make it to the finals this year, James will have to average up to 26.0 points per game in order to become number one on the postseason scoring list.

There have been many fantastic players throughout NBA history, but LeBron James is truly one of the unique and best players ever to play the game. This record will be just one of numerous records he has achieved during his glorious career, and there is no doubt that King James will go down as one of the greatest players in NBA history.