On Tuesday night, WWE's "SmackDown Live" featured more "WrestleMania 33" matches being formulated. Among them, a top contender was determined for Bray Wyatt at the "showcase of the immortals" as Randy Orton and AJ Styles faced off for the first time ever in the ring. Also, Alexa Bliss finally learned who she will defend her championship against on the "grandest stage of them all," while Nikki Bella and John Cena were in tag team action against James Ellsworth and Carmella. Here are the latest results from "SmackDown Live."

Cena & Nikki victorious

For the first time on "SmackDown," real-life couple John Cena and Nikki Bella were a tag team as they took on challengers Carmella and James Ellsworth.

The match was quickly interrupted as The Miz and his wife Maryse came to ringside for an up-close look from the commentators' table. That allowed Carmella to kick down Nikki.

The match itself was short as Cena and Nikki gained the upper hand against their opponents, hitting a double Five Knuckle Shuffle and simultaneous STF submissions to get the win. Post-match, the duo was attacked by Miz and Maryse to make a statement about what a "real couple" is all about. This all seems to be heading towards the two couples battling at "WrestleMania 33" but it has yet to be made official.

Ambrose attacked by Corbin

Dean Ambrose continued to try to call out his nemesis Baron Corbin, but once again "The Lone Wolf" appeared on the big screen to deny the request.

That made Ambrose take matters into his own hand and head backstage to look for Corbin. He eventually found him, or Corbin found Ambrose, as "The Lone Wolf" pushed a WWE employee into Ambrose.

From there, Corbin laid out Ambrose with several shots from a lead pipe before placing him under the front of a fork lift's lift.

Corbin then lowered the lift on top of Ambrose's chest to cause serious injuries which sent the Intercontinental Champion to a hospital. Will these two ultimately meet at "WrestleMania 33?"

Alexa Bliss' 'WrestleMania' opponent?

WWE SmackDown Women's champ Alexa Bliss came to the ring with her pal Mickie James and was trying to announce who she would defend her title against at "WrestleMania." Alexa didn't really name anyone she would face but instead ran down a list of who doesn't deserve a title shot.

The names included Naomi, Carmella, Nikki Bella, and Becky Lynch. Becky arrived out to the ring to say why she deserves a shot, followed by Natalya.

Once the women's wrestlers got into a big argument in the ring, "SmackDown" GM Daniel Bryan came out and announced Alexa will defend her title at "Mania" against every member of the "SmackDown" women's division. From there, he booked a tag team match featuring Alexa and Mickie versus Nattie and Becky. Nattie laid out Becky late in the match, allowing an easy pin for Alexa.

However, Mickie took exception to her tag partner taking credit for the win and then leveled her with a roundhouse kick to the head.

Styles vs. Orton

The main event featured "The Viper" taking on "The Phenomenal" one as the winner would get to go on to headline "WrestleMania" against Bray Wyatt for the WWE World Heavyweight title. It was a first-time meeting between the two wrestling legends in the ring and didn't really disappoint.

Down the stretch, Styles had a Calf Crusher locked on Orton, but Randy got to the ropes to break it. Later, Styles set up for a springboard move on the side apron but faked out Orton who dropped down to the mat. Styles tried a 450 Splash next, but Orton was still ready and rolled out of the way.

As Styles came back at him, Orton tossed Styles up in the air before dropping him with the RKO. That gave Orton the big win to send him to "WrestleMania 33" for the title.

A disappointed AJ Styles recovered at the bottom of the ramp after the loss. Meanwhile, Randy Orton posed on the ring corner and looked up towards the big "WrestleMania" sign to close the show. Bray Wyatt was noticeably absent from tonight's show but has to have been watching too.