Miami Heat have been one of the best teams in the NBA this year and team's head coach, Erik Spoelstra, deserves a lot of credit for that. After having an 11-30 record in the first half of the season, the Heat have turned the tables and achieved some incredible results, including the longest winning streak in the league this season. Right now, the Heat are just a game away from making the playoffs, as the coach Spoelstra has done a fantastic job leading this team.

According to Pat Riley, Heat's president, and a former head coach, Erik Spoelstra deserves strong consideration for Coach of the Year award this season.

If the Heat keeps winning games, there is no doubt that Spoelstra will have a chance to win this award.

Erik Spoelstra should be Coach of the Year

Before this season started, Miami Heat knew that Chris Bosh, their best player, will not be playing for the team anymore. Bosh was forced to sit out the entire season, and possibly career, due to a medical condition and blood clots. Despite not being able to count on him, the Heat still figured things out and started winning games. Without a single all-star on the team, Miami won 13 straight games, which is the longest winning streak in the NBA this season and the third-longest win streak in the franchise history.

Erik Spoelstra has never given up on his team, and he made them stay true to their identity all season long, playing hard every single night and giving their maximum effort.

Even though the Heat were the second-worst team in the NBA at one point, they kept believing in themselves, and it eventually paid off. Coach of the Year award should be given to the coach that stays consistent with his team and finds ways to win in any situation, and that is certainly what Spoelstra has done.

Pat Riley was Coach of the Year three times

If someone knows what it takes to be named Coach of the Year, then it's Pat Riley. Riley has won this prestigious award three times, with three different teams. Last time Riley won the award was in 1997 for the Miami Heat as he led the team to a 61-21 record and conference finals.

During 1996/97 season, Pat Riley was named Coach of the Month in December, and his team had two 9-game win streaks.

This season, Erik Spoelstra was named Coach of the Month in February, and his staff also had some long win streaks. If Spoelstra leads the Miami Heat to a .500 record and the playoffs, no doubt will get strong consideration for Coach of the Year and possibly join Pat Riley as the second Heat coach to win this award.