It has been over a year since Chris Bosh played his last NBA game, and we may never see him play again. Bosh had to quit basketball due to his medical condition, but he has hinted many times that he might return to the NBA. "I'm still a basketball player at heart," Bosh told the Associated Press. "I can't help it."

Miami Heat still have Bosh on their payroll, but they are expected to waive him soon and clear not only a roster spot, but his salary off the books as well. The former all-star will still receive the money he is owed, but it will not count against Miami Heat's salary cap, which will allow them to have more freedom in the upcoming free agency.

Chris Bosh wants to play

It is as clear as day that Chris Bosh wants to play in the NBA and he is not happy with an early retirement. Bosh was straightforward about his intentions to play, and he will most likely not be convinced to just retire and enjoy his life. He wants to return to the NBA and dominate just like he did during his best years.

Bosh was diagnosed with blood clots twice in recent years, and he had to stop playing because of it. Both he and the Miami Heat hoped that he would play this season, but he failed his physical before the season started and the Heat doctors were not allowed to give him permission to play. Ever since then, Chris Bosh has not been with the team as he tried to adjust to life without basketball.

Miami Heat will not allow Bosh to return

Allowing Chris Bosh to play could be fatal, as there is a big chance he could even pass away while playing basketball. Bosh's medical condition simply doesn't allow him to be a professional athlete anymore, and he will have to look for something else to do.

One thing is clear: Miami Heat will not allow Chris Bosh to return to the NBA and play for them.

The Heat made it known that they intend to waive Bosh, and that he will no longer be in a Heat uniform. After Miami waives him, Bosh will be a free agent and he will have a chance to sign with another NBA team. However, it is highly unlikely that he will be cleared to play by any doctor, as his medical situation is too serious, and the risk of playing is too high.