According to league sources, the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to sign C Larry Sanders Monday afternoon. Sanders has been out of action in the NBA for a while now, but he feels as if he is ready to make a comeback and contribute to a team that needs his presence on defense. Sanders will take up the 15th and final roster spot, which was for Andrew Bogut until he got injured not even a minute into his debut for the Cavs. Sanders has had to battle his inner demons in order to make it back to the NBA, but he is ready to make his second chance count.

New Larry, new day

Larry Sanders has had his off the court issues which resulted in him being out of the NBA for the past two years. Sanders has failed four NBA drug tests due to marijuana. He also walked away from the game due to anxiety and depression, causing him to check himself into a hospital. Sanders, who is 28, was a defensive monster when he was playing, averaging almost two blocks per game. He also brings about a rebounding presence, something that Cleveland needs with the absence of Kevin Love.

Sanders and his agent are in Cleveland Monday for a physical, in order for the team to sign him. According to scouts around the league, Sanders' body has changed a little since he was last seen.

Scouts explained that Sanders' muscle mass is down from where it used to be which might raise concern. Scouts also say that his timing is a little off, but his pure athleticism is eye-opening and tempting to many. His off the field issues are hopefully behind him, and hopefully Sanders can contribute to his new team.

Cavs capture key piece

The Cavs capture a decent replacement for their injured center Andrew Bogut. If Larry passes the physical, the Cavs will sign Sanders and waive Bogut. It's unfortunate to hear for Bogut, but sometimes in the NBA, things happen. The Cavs can use Larry Sanders' skills as they need to get more rebounds. The Cavs have been out rebounded on the offensive side by 54 in the past 12 games.

They are 6-6 in that span.

The Cavs are struggling in March after a great month of February, going 2-5 in March. The Cavs need a spark, and they get one in Larry Sanders. Sanders is a rebounding and defensive specialist, something the Cavs need. This signing can turn around the Cavs' record in March, as they're losing grip on the No.1 seed in the east.