After winning a championship last year, LeBron James is hoping for a trophy in 2017 before he'll proclaim his current team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, as being one step ahead of last year's roster. He was widely criticized last month for his scathing remarks on the current roster.

Cavaliers start on a back-foot

On Wednesday night the Cavaliers lost their opening match against the Boston Celtics, who scored a 103-99 victory. The Cavaliers starting five ended the game with 14 points combined, while LeBron James and Kyrie Irving both tallied 28 points.

A rocky debut by Deron Williams cost the Cavaliers a win when he missed a three-pointer during the final moments of the game.

The Cavaliers currently have a four-game lead over the Celtics, and will certainly benefit from the addition of strong players. The latest boost to the team's depth could come in handy during an expected rematch with the Golden State Warriors in the Finals. Coach Tyronn Lue seems confident that a focus on team collaboration, as well as seeing which players best compliment each other, will take the Cavaliers to the top.

The Celtics are no doubt feeling more confident after Wednesday night's win. Isaiah Jamar Thomas led the assault with 31 points, while Jae Crowder scored 17 points with 10 rebounds, resulting in a big night for the small-forward.

9 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists were added to the momentum by Al Horford.

Andrew Bogut chooses Cleveland

The 7-foot Andrew Bogut has accepted a spot on the Cavaliers team, replacing Jordan McRae, but is still waiting to sign on. Once he is added to the team he will be a major asset as a support for team starter, Tristan Thompson.

The team is hoping to retain their number 1 spot in the Eastern Conference, and possibly repeat an NBA championship win.

In 2015 and again in 2016, when the Golden State Warriors enjoyed clean sweeps, Bogut served as a starter for the Western Conference leaders. He was part of the Warriors when they scored a 3-1 lead over Cleveland.

LeBron James said that he's seen the potential in their new player, but maintains his controversial stance that it's too early to make any predictions.

Some of the Cavalier players believe that LeBron's doubts may just have started the fire they needed to hit the ground running. After complaining to the front office about the roster, management was moved into action and brought strong players onto the team. In the coming weeks, fans will watch closely to see if it was the right move.