Cleveland Cavaliers will have a chance to clinch a playoff spot tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Cavaliers, who are currently 45-22 and have the first seed in the East, will lock-in their third-consecutive playoff appearance if they beat the Clippers.

Although they are 5-5 in the last 10 games, the Cavaliers have a big advantage over the struggling Clippers, who have lost three straight games. Furthermore, Kyle Korver might be back to Cleveland, and the Cavs need him to clinch a playoff spot and the first seed in the conference.

Cleveland Cavaliers will not have it easy

Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers are a much better team on paper and defending NBA champions, they will not beat the L.A. Clippers easily. In their first game this season, the Clippers destroyed Cleveland with a 19-point win after a balanced performance by the entire team. Kyrie Irving led the Cavaliers with 28 points, but it wasn't enough as the Clippers were too strong that night.

Tonight, the Cavaliers will be playing on the road, and that's the biggest advantage the Clippers will have. Despite playing bad lately and losing three games in a row, the Clippers are a tough opponent for any team, and they can score from any spot on the floor, which makes them tough to guard.

LeBron James will give his best to get it done

There is no doubt that LeBron James will give his best effort tonight and try to secure a playoff spot for his Cavaliers. James had a bad performance in his first game against the Clippers, and he will not have another such game against them. James, who has been posting incredible stat lines and triple-doubles lately, will most likely have another big game, and it could help the Cleveland Cavaliers get the job done.

It is interesting that the Cavaliers secured a playoff spot on March 19 last year and on March 20 a year before. Tonight, on March 18, they will have a unique opportunity to get into the playoffs and get this streak going. Although securing a playoff spot is not a big deal for the Cavaliers, they will have to keep winning games in order to clinch the first seed in the East, as they only have two games of advantage over the second-seeded Boston Celtics.