Many people see the MVP race this season as a two-man race between Russell Westbrook and James Harden, others strongly factor LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard into the argument. Often times the media really overlooks LeBron's MVP campaign this season, I mean the guy is averaging 26 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists on 54% shooting and 40% from three point land while leading his team to the best record in the East. It's hard to say that LeBron James is not in the MVP race. So the question has been asked around, is LeBron overlooked as an MVP candidate?

Steph Curry had his say.

Steph Curry's thoughts

A reporter asked Stephen Curry if he believes that voters have gotten bored of LeBron James' consistent numbers, therefore overlook him in the MVP race. Steph chuckled before saying: "I don't know man, I can't speak for voters. There's guys around the league... LeBron, Russ, James, myself, KD... CP. You know what they're capable of, the numbers they're putting up and how consistent they do it, you have the utmost respect for that." Steph is suggesting that NBA players are not delusional to the type of player someone is, and never overlook another superstar in the league if they know what they're capable of doing. As proven when Steph added: "You don't have to explain that to any player in the league, about what LeBron or those guys have accomplished...

We respect what he does on the floor every night."

Players should vote for the MVP?

Steph's comments have gotten the NBA fan base thinking, should NBA players be allowed to vote for the MVP, and hold a certain percentage of the total vote? If Golden State's point guard is correct, NBA players never overlook an individuals' season, and they're aware of the numbers a specific player is putting up and consistency at which they're doing it.

It could be a great idea to give them a percentage of the overall vote. While this may be a risk, as there will be most likely a lot of cases of players voting for themselves, or a player on their own team, not taking the vote seriously. I guess we can only wonder.