LeBron James is playing incredibly well this season, as he is having one of the best and most efficient years of his career. James has broken numerous records this season and he is not done yet. The small forward keeps playing on a high level every single night, breaking individual records while helping the Cleveland Cavaliers win important games.

This season, LeBron James joined the elite company of Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson as the only players to average 25 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists per game, while shooting 50 percent or better from the field.

Chasing Michael Jordan

LeBron James made it known that he wants to be the greatest player of all time. That title currently belongs to Michael Jordan and James is giving his best to surpass him. What LeBron has done in his career so far is incredible and he is only 32 years old. He is still in his prime and he keeps playing sensational basketball every season, giving himself a great chance to become the greatest.

James is on a good way to become the best playoff scorer and he is only two rings shy of tying Michael Jordan's championship count. Jordan's career was amazing and he truly became a basketball icon, but LeBron James is right there behind him and might take his throne very soon.

James is consistent, efficient, and very good

Joining Oscar Robertson and Michael Jordan is a big thing, and LeBron James did this at the age of 32, while Robertson and Jordan did it at 24 and 25 respectively. This is another proof that James stays consistent and that, even after 14 years in the NBA, he is not slowing down. Out of these three players, James has the highest field goal percentage and three-point percentage and if the stats were adjusted for the current pace, he would undoubtedly have much better numbers than Jordan and Robertson.

LeBron is averaging career highs in rebounds with 8.4 per game and assists with 8.8. He is also shooting 38.5 percent from three, which is the second-best percentage in his career. This 32-year old forward is not slowing down and as long as he stays like this, the Cleveland Cavaliers will have a great chance of winning another NBA championship. His value to the team is immeasurable, and he might become the greatest basketball player of all time.