It is no surprise that WWE is always looking for new and upcoming talent to add to their roster. Well, sometimes they find diamonds in the rough and end up with brand new superstars who take over the wrestling world. Then, there are established stars from companies like Ring of Honor who find new homes with one of the largest promotions on this planet. That may end up happening to a lot of stars soon, as rumor has it that WWE is planning on raiding the roster of Ring of Honor (ROH) in 2017.

The Young Bucks are on the top of WWE's list

It should not be a huge surprise that the Young Bucks are the superstars that WWE is focusing on.

They have proven to be extremely talented and popular with the fans, and they would make an incredible addition to the tag team division. Currently, Matt and Nick Jackson are the PWG World Tag Team Champions (fourth reign) and ROH World Tag Team Champions (second reign).

It is no surprise that Ring of Honor is going to do whatever they can to keep the Young Bucks on their roster, but it will cost them. WWE does have more money to spend to take them on, but if ROH can offer better opportunities and dates, it may swing things back in their direction. This could end up being one of the biggest bidding wars of the year in the professional wrestling world.

WWE's raid of ROH has already started

In late November, longtime Ring of Honor performer and announcer Steve Corino was snatched away by WWE.

At the end of December, Corino finished his dates with ROH and headed to WWE to become a full-time trainer at the Performance Center in Orlando. That is one huge takeaway from ROH, but it wasn't the only one that took place in late 2016.

A couple of weeks later, WWE announced that there would be a tournament in early 2017 to award the first-ever United Kingdom Championship.

The tournament is set to bring about some of the best new talents in the U.K., and with that announcement came another one that hurt ROH. When Triple H announced the new title, he also announced that longtime ROH star Nigel McGuinness would be joining the company as an announcer for the tournament.

This reportedly did not make ROH officials happy at all, as they received short notice that McGuinness was leaving and hated that he had signed with WWE. Well, 2017 may not end up being much happier for the popular wrestling promotion, as the talent raid may take many more.