The Atlanta Hawks have started the season with a 18-16 record, which currently puts them in 5th place in the NBA Eastern Conference. They signed center Dwight Howard during free agency and also gave guards Kent Bazemore and Dennis Schroder hefty contracts. The problem with this is that neither Schroder or Bazemore have lived up to their large salaries so far.

Millsap on the move?

Paul Millsap is now officially the face of the franchise since former Hawks point guard Jeff Teague and center Al Horford have moved on to new teams this season. Millsap can opt-out of his contract and become a free agent this Summer, so rumors have been swirling around that he is on the trading block.

Atlanta would hate to lose him this Summer and get nothing in return, so they are apparently "listening to offers."

Every team in the NBA would love to have a player on its roster the caliber of Paul Millsap. He will be in very high demand if he decides to test the free agent water this Summer. Teams that are currently in the playoff chase would be instantly upgraded if they could add a piece like Millsap. The Toronto Raptors, Denver Nuggets, Portland Trailblazers, and the Boston Celtics are just a few teams that come to mind that could use a ton of help at the Power Forward position. Of those teams, the Celtics are the most intriguing destination.

Boston to reunite All-Stars?

The Boston Celtics currently have a 21-14 record and are in 3rd place in the NBA Eastern Conference.

They signed Center Al Horford in the off-season and have been playing pretty well to date. Isaiah Thomas has been having a career year and the team looks primed for a playoff run. The only real void that Boston has is at Power Forward. Current starter Amir Johnson has been subpar and they don't have much depth behind him. Many speculate that team president Danny Ainge will make a move before the February deadline to improve the roster since they have so many valuable assets to offer.

Paul Millsap looks to be the primary target in trade talks. He would be an immediate upgrade at the position and he would also be paired with his former Atlanta teammate Al Horford. Since the two already have familiarity with each other the transition would be a smooth one. The Celtics would have a core of Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Millsap, and Horford.

That would definitely be good enough to compete with the likes of the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference crown. The proposed trade between the teams would send Millsap to Boston and Atlanta would receive Jaylen Brown, Jae Crowder, and a second round draft pick. Atlanta would more than likely pull the trigger on this deal so they can at least get something for Millsap instead of watching him walk away in free agency just like Horford did last year.