Ever since being brought up from NXT, Sami Zayn has only seen his popularity grow. He did a lot to push himself up that ladder in a hurry and ended up being placed in a number of major storylines. Rumors stated that he was going to have a United States Title run a couple of months ago, but now, Zayn is about to find his push almost completely taken away from him.

There have been a number of big-time debuts in the last couple of months, and that has taken a few prime roster spots. Superstars returning from serious injuries are also making the roster quite crowded on "Monday Night Raw," and that is causing even more of the spotlight to be taken away.

Well, they aren't necessarily being taken away, but guys like Sami Zayn are being pushed down the WWE totem pole.

Injury returns and NXT debuts push Zayn to the side

This past weekend, Finn Balor returned to the ring after being out since last August. He suffered a serious injury that required surgery and it put him on the shelf for almost a full six months. Balor will instantly jump into the main event scene and likely go after the WWE Universal Title before too long, but that is one spot gone.

Samoa Joe recently made his main roster debut and he instantly jumped into the main set of storylines on "Raw" as well. Now, he has taken over things on the mid-card along with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho which takes a few more spots away.

Speaking of Jericho, he is likely going to stick around after "WrestleMania 33" and that puts another veteran in a main roster spot.

Sami Zayn's proposed feud with Chris Jericho

Leading up to "Fastlane" in early March, there were rumors that Sami Zayn was going to continue his feud with Chris Jericho, but now, it would be for a championship.

There were even advertisements that had Zayn in a match with Jericho for the U.S. Title, but WWE never ended up making it official. At that point, Jericho began his new storyline with Kevin Owens and that is leading up to their title match at "WrestleMania 33."

From that point, Zayn ended up being placed into a feud with Samoa Joe and losing to the former NXT champion at "Fastlane." Now, he has been aligned with Jericho to take on the team of Kevin Owens and Joe over the last couple of weeks, but nothing is known about where he will go in the future. If the rumors end up being correct, fans can expect to see a lot less of Zayn as time goes on.