Some people may not realize it, but just because a wrestler isn't featured on WWE doesn't mean that they haven't had a long career. Ray Leppan may not be a name that a lot of people recognize, but all wrestling fans know who Adam Rose and Leo Kruger are. They are all the same person and after 2017, none of those gimmicks will be seen in a wrestling ring again.

After being removed from WWE for less than a year and returning to the independent circuit, Leppan has announced that his time in the ring will soon come to an end. As of the end of 2017, he will be leaving the wrestling industry and moving onto other things in his life.

The tumultuous WWE career of Adam Rose

Back in 1995, Ray Leppan made his professional wrestling debut at the age of 15 in South Africa. He wrestled there for 15 years and donned numerous different gimmicks before making it to the United States and landing in WWE with Florida Championship Wrestling.

From 2010 until 2012, he wrestled for FCW and then continued in NXT until 2014. During this time, he was known mostly as his bounty hunter gimmick which had him wrestle under the name of Leo Kruger. It was in 2014 that he was called up to WWE's main roster under the character of Adam Rose.

Upon landing on the main roster, Rose debuted a party-animal gimmick that included the Exotic Express party bus. He feuded with Jack Swagger and Kane and a few others. Being reduced to nothing more than a jobber, Rose ended up being placed in a stable called The Social Outcasts with Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel.

Life after WWE for Ray Leppan

Near the middle of 2016, Leppan had been suspended by WWE for a second violation of the company's wellness program. He spoke out against the suspension saying that it was for his prescription Adderall XR which is used to treat his ADHD. Needless to say, but his relationship with the company was quite strained at this point and things weren't going well.

Three weeks after that happened, Leppan was arrested in Florida for domestic violence and WWE ended up releasing him from his contract. The charges were eventually dropped due to him seeking professional help for the issues, but his time in WWE was officially over.

Since parting ways, Leppan has returned to the independent circuit and has wrestled under the name of Aldo Rose as well as "Krugar" which plays off his old Leo Kruger gimmick. No matter what he has been going through, Leppan has decided that this will be his final year wrestling and he is going to retire at the end of 2017.