"Teen Mom OG" Maci Bookout broke down in tears following a phone conversation with her son, Bentley's therapist according to Hollywood News Daily. Maci Bookout always has Bentley's best interest as a number one priority. But, things have become very hard and emotional for the mother of three recently.

In the Season 9 trailer of "Teen Mom OG" Maci reveals that Bentley wants to attend therapy sessions with his father Ryan Edwards to work on their relationship. Bookout sought out advice from a therapist when Bentley first mentioned not wanting to see Ryan anymore unless they attended therapy.

The doctor advised Maci Bookout that Bentley should first attend a session alone in order to establish a relationship with the therapist and become comfortable opening up.

Maci Bookout leans on Taylor during hard times

Maci Bookout sat down with her son before his first appointment to have a chat about what to expect. As Maci talked with her son, she told him how proud she is of him, and how much she loves him. She also told Bentley she wanted him to be completely honest talking with the doctor.

Bentley's first therapy visit was unfilmed. However, Maci is seen afterward with her current husband Taylor speaking to the doctor on the phone.

The doctor revealed to Bookout that Bentley made it clear at this time he is not ready to have his dad Ryan at these sessions.

He advised Maci that this is in Bentley's best interest for the time being.

The doctor told Maci at this time his main concern is that Bentley feels neglected by his dad. He also reveals that Bentley has a hard time knowing how to handle these feelings.

"It's a difficult thing for a kid to feel that they have to teach their dad how to be a dad because that's not their job," the therapist told Maci.

'Teen Mom' Maci fed up with Ryan Edwards causing their son pain

Maci Bookout agreed with the doctor's advice and scheduled more private sessions for Bentley. But, as soon as she hung up the phone Maci lost control and began crying. Maci told her husband Taylor how angry she is that Bentley feels neglected by Ryan. Taylor comforted Maci telling her she is a "great mother" and does everything she can for Bentley.

Maci told Taylor and "so have you." She went on to reveal that hole that Bentley feels can only be filled by Ryan. Upset that it is pain that she can never fix for her son.

Ryan Edwards and his family, on the other hand, feels a bit differently about the subject. In fact, Edwards was quite angry when talking about Bentley's therapy needs to his wife Mackenzie Edwards.

In the Season 9 trailer, Edwards is seen sitting on the couch angrily bashing his ex-Maci about Bentley's request for counseling.

"Bentley wanted us to do counseling – is it all your mom's bulls***?"

Ryan Edwards refuses to accept any blame

Ryan has never been considered by fans as a great father by any means and his recent comments in the new "Teen Mom OG" season nine trailer set fans off.

Bookout's Instagram followers have immediately been commenting on Ryan Edwards' remarks stating calling Edwards a lost cause as a father and claiming Bentley would be better off without him in his life.


Hopefully, therapy will help Bentley learn how to deal with his feelings towards Ryan. Will Ryan Edwards ever be the father he needs? Thankfully Bentley does have Maci Bookout in his corner and she will continue to help Bentley through it.

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