Maci Bookout, 28, star of the hit MTV reality series "Teen Mom OG" reveals how her relationship with ex Ryan Edwards' mom and dad is going. According to Hollywood News Daily, Bookout claims her co-parenting relationship with Jen and Larry Edwards is strong.

Things have not always been easy for Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards when it comes to sharing their son Bentley. Ryan's many battles with addiction have made very scary and hard over the years. However, Bookout claims that things between herself and Jen and Larry are very good. They have remained very close throughout years of turmoil.

Maci Bookout sets the ground rules for Bentley visiting Ryan Edwards' parents

One of Maci's biggest priorities is keeping Bentley's relationship with his grandparents on good terms. At this time, Ryan Edwards is permitted visitation with his son, but only with his mom and dad present. According to Bookout, she has a lot of trust in Jen and Larry and that trust must remain intact. She also reveals that Jen and Larry respect her thoughts and rules when it comes to raising Bentley.

Every once in a while, however, Bookout admits they do hit a "bump in the road" but so far things have always managed to work out for the best. This is a relief for Maci who wants to keep Bentley as involved with his grandparents as possible.

As for Ryan, well Maci would love for Bentley and Ryan to have a good father and son relationship.

Trust is very important for Maci Bookout

But, you can't blame Maci Bookout for constantly keeping her guard up when it comes to Ryan Edwards. Ryan's long history of addiction makes it very hard for her to really trust Ryan as a father at this time to Bentley.

Ryan has gone off the deep end too many times in the past for Maci to let that guard down anytime in the near future. Who can blame her, after all, Bentley's safety is most the important thing.

One day perhaps, Ryan Edwards will have the father and some relationship he wants with Bentley, until then, as far as Maci Bookout is concerned that time is a long way off so she and Jen and Larry Edwards.

Ryan Edwards sobriety still worries Maci

Maci Bookout claims she needs to feel that trust, especially lately. As previously reported by Blasting News, Maci is very uneasy these days about Ryan. She has been questioning Ryan's sobriety since Bentley's birthday party, where she feels Ryan seemed a little out of sorts.

Ryan Edwards recently spoke out revealing he is very unhappy with Bentley's behavior and feels his son is pretty disrespectful at times. Ryan also feels he is powerless when it comes to confronting or disciplining his son. Ryan reveals that when he attempts to correct Bentley's attitude his mom Jen steps in very quickly to take over. Ryan feels that she does this because she is so afraid of upsetting Bentley, or Maci and does not want to have anything happen that could jeopardize seeing their grandson.

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