"Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout is catching all the blame for her and ex Ryan Edwards' son Bentley's bad behavior. Ryan Edwards claims that Bentley is very disrespectful, and it is all Maci's fault, according to In Touch.

On the April 28 episode of MTV's "Teen Mom OG" fans could see there was a lot of tension building between Ryan and his oldest son Bentley. Edwards was clearly annoyed by the lack of respect shown to him by Bentley.

Maci Bookout responsible for Bentley's poor attitude

Ryan Edwards shared his annoyance with his wife Mackenzie, revealing that when it comes to Bentley, he feels that his opinion is totally disregarded.

Ryan tells Mac that he has never really asked his son to do much as far as chores go. However, he does feel that following some simple basic household rules shouldn't be out of the question.

Ryan continued his vent to Mac, claiming that he feels as far as Bentley is concerned he feels as if he has no authority especially when his mom is around.

Ryan Edwards angry over Maci Bookout calling the shots

Ryan feels he is powerless to make Bentley do anything claiming as soon as he tries his mom (Jen) goes behind his back with Bentley with no regard to him as a parent. He also feels that his mom is afraid that if she upsets her grandson, he will choose not to spend any more time with his grandma and grandpa, and she is not willing to risk that.

Mackenzie stepping back from interfering between Maci and Ryan over Bentley

Edwards also vented that no matter how he tries to parent Bentley, his mom jumps right in to interfere. He claims she believes if Bentley gets to upset about how things are going during his visits that he will run home to Maci to complain. He also feels that if that happens, Maci Bookout will make it hard or nearly impossible for Jen and Larry to continue their visits with their grandson.

Meaning, without Jen and Larry, Ryan would have no access to Bentley at this time.

Mackenzie totally agreed with Ryan over Bentley's lack of respect. It is a tough situation between the former couple, considering that Ryan is unable to contact Maci at all due to the protective order that legally permits Edwards to contact Bookout in any way.

Maci recently expressed her concerns over Ryan's sobriety after seeing her ex in person at Bentley's 11th birthday party. Bookout shared her worries with husband Taylor McKinney, telling him that Ryan did not look well at the party. Bookout claims she hopes she is wrong about her gut feelings, but having been through everything she had with Ryan Edwards drug addictions over the years, her gut has her questioning Ryan's sobriety.

Maci stated that she hoped she is wrong about Ryan. Still, his past drug issues are 100 percent the reason why she will not allow Bentley to have any contact with Ryan without his parents Jen and Larry present., revealing that she just does not feel good about Ryan being around Bentley without his parents to ensure Bentley's safety.

Oddly enough, Mackenzie has been fairly quiet on the subject. This is out of the ordinary for Mac, who usually jumps right to Ryan Edwards' defense regardless of the situation. Could it be that Mackenzie Standifer is harboring some doubts of her own over Ryan Edwards' sobriety, or has she just chosen to step back and not interfere when it comes to Ryan and Mackenzie Bookout's parental disagreements over Bentley?