As fans wait for the 2021 arrival of their favorite CW TV Shows (except for the final seven episodes of "Supernatural" that recently aired), they've been treated to shows such as "Swamp Thing," "Pandora," "The Outpost," "Burden of Truth," "Tell Me A Story," and "Coroner." The network is no stranger to the DC world with successful shows such as "Black Lightning," "Supergirl," "Arrow," and more. The CW is making way for new heroes as "Arrow" has already had its swan song, leaving "Supergirl" to end after its upcoming season, and "Blacking Lighting" is also set to conclude with its upcoming season.

"Swamp Thing" made its way over from the DC Universe streaming service, which has sent several of their other series (such as "Titans") to HBO Max.

'Swamp Thing' recap

Though DC Universe may not receive the same level of praise as Marvel, the streamer's original shows have received critic approval and fan praise, making it abundantly clear that the DC Extended Universe deserves more respect. With three episodes to go, "Swamp Thing" is gearing up for some even crazier twists and turns in its final moments. Those who have watched on DC have the opportunity to rewatch this short-lived dark show while those watching for the first time serve as a swampy treat. The series stars Crystal Reed (known for her role on "Teen Wolf" and a guest role on "Gotham") as Abby Arcane, Andy Bean as Alec Holland with Derek Mears as Swamp Thing, Maria Sten as Abby's childhood friend Liz, Henderson Wade as Matt, Virginia Madsen as Maria, Will Patton as Avery, Jennifer Beals as Lucilia the Sheriff, Keven Durand as a bio-geneticist studying the swamp, Jeryl Prescott as Nimue.

Several of the characters have fallen deep into the darkness of the swamp, with each of them making moves toward their own agenda, and with only a few episodes to go, anything is possible. Abby Arcane had kept far away from her hometown following her best friend's tragic death when she was eighteen.

But when a strange epidemic strikes the town, Abby (along with the rest of the CDC) returns to find an answer to what's causing the disease that has stricken several residents.

Her arrival brings her face to face with the ghosts of her past (literal than figurative) as she confronts Maria and Avery, who are the parents of her late best friend and took her in as a teenager. She encounters Alec Holland, who has his own theories about the disease's source, only for this theory to get him shot and dropped into the swamp, which turns him into the titular Swamp Thing.

The drama between them as the source of several conflicts led Maria and Abby to a standoff in the swamp and Abby to discover Avery's connection to the corruption that runs through Marais' town. Secrets have come to the surface that finds that not everything is what seems in this small town with darkness and corruption eroding from the swamp. Those looking to learn more about the comic source for "Swamp Thing" can check out the massive digital comics library unlocked on DC Universe.

Final episodes of 'Swamp Thing'

Tuesday's episode saw Avery and Maria (Virginia Madsen) continuing the tug-of-war at the root of their marriage, which saw a notable shift at the episode's end, which found Maria and the Sheriff (Jennifer Beals) getting the upper hand.

The two women banded together and left Avery (Will Patton) to die in the swamp (or so they thought). Avery's secrets have been floating to the surface, such as blackmailing Lucilia's son (Henderson Wade) into Alec's murder. However, the end of the episode saw a shocking turn of events when Avery was seen dragging himself out of the swamp, clarifying that nothing good awaits around the corner.

Elsewhere in the episode, Abby (Crystal Reed) was hallucinating seeing Swamp Thing as Alec (Andy Bean) while the two made a venture into the swamp to get a sample of the decay from the swamp, and then he has to save her life. The episode ended with her announcing to her friend Liz (Maria Sten) that she would save Alec (from being Swamp Thing) and was going to return to the CDC.

Abby has struggled with her past ghosts, which have brought to light the truth about her friend's death (who was dragged underwater by an unseen force). Abby's friend's ghost has been haunting Maria and even possessed a girl to drive Maria into the water.

The series was canceled after its first episode on the DC Universe, with the season picked up later by the CW to be introduced to a new audience. SpoilerTV shares the description for episode 8, "Long Walk Home," which teases that after his near-death in the swamp, Avery is rescued by Swamp Thing with a shady promise to return with a cure. At the same time, Abby has a confrontation with Nathan Ellery (and the Conclave) when she returns to the CDC, which will push her to discover that Swamp Thing could already be in danger.

But can she return in time to save him? Elsewhere in the episode, Matt finds out a shocking secret.

SpoilerTV shares the last two descriptions for the series with episode 9, "The Anatomy Lesson," which teases that Swamp Thing will face experiments at the hands of Jason Woodrue while Abby and Liz put together a plan to free him. Elsewhere, Daniel gets a glimpse of a potential future from the Phantom Stranger and has a decision to make. The series finale "Loose Ends" sees everything coming to a head with Swamp Thing having learned about his own creation and makes a move against those that hunt him, while Abby faces off with Jason Woodrue, Liz attempts to help Daniel escape his own fate, and Avery seeks a resolution with Lucilia and Matt.

Actors dish on the CW getting 'Swamp Thing'

Derek Mears is no stranger to the strange with various roles that have taken him from playing Krampus to Jason's iconic role (in the Friday the 13th reboot). The actor/stuntman has taken up residence as the titular Swamp Thing, with Mears sharing with Looper about his excitement for "Swamp Thing" to find a new home on the CW. The stuntman/actor shares that the acquirement gave him a sense of comfort with a new audience to see all the hard work the cast, crew, and artists put into the show. The actor continues with how the show was comforting because it gave a sense of humanity and the search for oneself.

Henderson Wade dishes to KsiteTV about the show by teasing for fans that it has horror, melodrama (which he compared to what is expected of the CW network), and Derek Mears in the Swamp Thing suit (which the actor shares as being impressive on set as it is on-screen).

The actor refers to the show as a smorgasbord for how has everything: it's a creature feature, horror movie, and a small-town drama. The show remains canceled with just one season with no current information on whether the CW will revive the show. Check out the last few episodes Tuesdays on the CW.