During WonderCon 2019, the DC Universe panel announced a slate of new features and programming for its streaming platform. Subscribers to the DC service can access DC's massive digital comics library. The digital library contains 20,000 single issue comics, released over 80 years, and more will be continuously released.

Individual comic issues will be released on the app in April 2019. The DCU will not be raising the price of the subscription, even with this new massive amount of new content. DC Universe was launched last year and the library of comics has drawn in the fans.

Now the fans have begun asking for more. The DC Universe expanded to thousands of new titles in January. DC Universe Senior VP Sam Ades said they are excited to deliver even more content to their fans. Also, DC received an award for positive LGBT portrayal.

Warner Bros. gearing up to release more

DC Universe also announced its upcoming content schedule. The live-action series "Swamp Thing" is scheduled to premiere on May 31, 2019. The show is still in production in North Carolina. The DC Universe said the show was made to scare you to death. The panel later unveiled a new photo of Stargirl in her costume from the upcoming live-action series, "Stargirl." The series "Titans" is returning for a second season in the fall, as well as the debut of the animated series "Harley Quinn," airing in late fall.

Deathstroke may also be coming to "Titans."

The studio also confirmed the first season of "Krypton" will air on the platform next month, and fans will be able to binge the entire season all at once. As the panel was wrapping up, they announced that the new animated film "Justice League vs. The Fatal Five" will be released on April 16.

The midseason premiere of "Young Justice Outsiders," will air this summer, with 13 episodes left.

DCU may be desperately trying to improve

With DC's recent string of freebies, and now the expanded comic library, they are clearly looking for ways to attract more subscribers. While it's not always a sign of trouble, it still doesn't look good.

However, if you're a comic enthusiast, then shell out for DC Universe and enjoy.

The studio's expansion of its digital comics library brings it up to speed with its rival, Marvel Unlimited, where every comic is available six months after publication. This summer will be a busy time for DC and those fans who have already subscribed to the service.