Deavan Clegg has had a difficult year in her personal life. The American reality star is currently involved in a seemingly unending divorce with her Korean husband, Jihoon Lee. The couple tied the knot in their first appearance on “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way,” but their marriage fell apart in this year’s second season. Deavan announced that she had filed for a divorce when she returned to the United States from Korea in July. Unfortunately, it appears her decision to move on from Jihoon has made her a cyberbullying victim. In a recent Instagram post, the 24-year-old reality star asked fans to report an account that has been bullying her.

Deavan has asked fans to report an Instagram account that has been cyberbullying her

According to ScreenRant, an Instagram account with the user name “still the tea on her” has been leaking her intimate conversations and spreading false information about her. Deavan added that the account had been reaching out to her childhood friends and harassing them. The American reality star urged fans to report the account and help her fight back against the bully. While she did not reveal the identity of the person responsible for the controversial Instagram account, Deavan claimed that she had unsuccessfully tried to reach out to the guilty party.

The controversial account has been using Jihoon’s image as its profile picture

Interestingly, the controversial account has used Jihoon’s picture on its profile. Deavan did not link her estranged husband to the account, but she claimed that she knew the person responsible for the leaked information because she had only shared it with one individual.

90 Day Fiancé” viewers have had mixed reactions to the latest drama in Deavan’s love life. Some fans feel that she could be staging a publicity stunt to promote her upcoming documentary, which she filmed with her new boyfriend, Christopher Park. Nonetheless, several fans have supported Deavan for standing up for herself and fighting back against cyberbullying.

It will be interesting to see whether Jihoon denies any connection to the Instagram account that has been bullying Deavan. However, the American reality star was also involved in a similar incident in April after some court documents that leaked the identity of Drascilla’s father surfaced over the Internet. After the incident, Deavan opened up about her first abusive relationship. She claimed that she had dated her daughter’s father when she was 17-years old, but they failed to get along because of his toxic jealousy. Deavan eventually filed a restraining order against Drascilla’s father and secured permanent custody for her six-year-old daughter. Awkwardly, the American reality star is currently in another custody battle with Jihoon over the guardianship of their son, Taeyang. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers will have to follow the couple on social media to find out whether they will settle their custody battle amicably.