90 Day Fiancé” viewers could have finally prompted Anfisa Nava to reveal her relationship status. The Russian reality star has kept a low profile ever since her time on the popular reality show ended. Fans have been curious to find out whether she is in a relationship since her ex-partner Jorge Nava is already expecting a child with his new girlfriend. In her latest Instagram post, Anfisa might have accidentally disclosed her relationship status.

Anfisa has confirmed that she has a new boyfriend

The 25-year-old shared a sexy picture to flaunt her incredible figure on Instagram.

Anfisa has been working as a certified fitness trainer over the past year, and she often posts pictures to show off her gorgeous body. To caption her post, Anfisa offered tips to her Instagram followers on how to attain an impressive physique. A majority of “90 Day Fiancé” viewers praised Anfisa for showing off her beautiful body, and one fan pointed out that her boyfriend was a lucky man. The Russian reality star responded to the comment by posting a winking emoji and agreeing with the observation. Even though Anfisa did not reveal the identity of her new boyfriend, she appeared to confirm that she is in a relationship.

Replying to a fan comment, she called her alleged BF "lucky."

Some media outlets have reported that Anfisa is dating a man named Leo Assaf

Fans are now looking forward to learning more details about Anfisa’s new man. While she has kept her love life private since separating from Jorge, some “90 Day Fiancé” viewers had speculated that she had cheated on him.

The American reality star completed his two-year prison sentence earlier in the year, and after his release, he claimed that Anfisa had abandoned him for another man. However, the Russian reality star denied the allegations and maintained she had mutually agreed to part ways with Jorge. Nonetheless, some media outlets have reported that Anfisa could be dating a man named Leo Assaf.

In February, pictures surfaced online showing Anfisa posing with Leo. The mysterious man posted the photograph on Valentine’s Day and claimed that he was glad to be celebrating the romantic day with Anfisa. The former star has exchanged some flirtatious messages with Leo on Instagram, but the couple has not made an official announcement about their relationship. Now that she has acknowledged that she has a boyfriend, Anfisa could finally provide additional details about her romantic fling. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers will also be curious to see whether Jorge will react to Anfisa’s latest relationship. The American reality star has maintained that he is happy with his new girlfriend. Fans hope that Anfisa and Jorge will eventually acknowledge each other on social media even though they appear to have moved on. Even though Anfisa did not congratulate Jorge after he revealed that his girlfriend is pregnant, the 32-year-old might defy expectations and wish his ex-partner well in her new relationship.