When your family of three becomes a family of eight over night, you're in for a lot of challenges. "outdaughtered" dad Adam Busby can testify to that, and he actually admitted he is suffering from Postpartum Depression.

Adam might be having an affair

Fans of the reality series "OutDaughtered" have noticed how distant Adam is on the show, which made some to be suspicious. For one, he failed to come home on time for Valentine's Day without even making a phone call to his wife Danielle that he is going to be late. He said he got caught up at work. Some viewers also commented on social media that Mr.

Busby's behavior suggests he might be having an affair. Another one added that he would soon leave his wife and six daughters.

Adam responded that it was a disgusting thing to accuse someone, saying that his marriage with Danielle is rock solid. He asserted that no one should doubt their love for each other, no matter what they see on "OutDaughtered."

It's postpartum depression

Instead of having an affair, the "OutDaughter" star said he is suffering from postpartum depression. He said that since the quintuplets were born, he's been thinking about how to provide for their family, about the kids and other stuff.

He also noticed he began withdrawing from talking to friends he used to talk to regularly, and he failed to find joy from the things he used to enjoy, per ABC News.

Adam received a lot of support and praises for his confession, saying that it is a brave thing to do, especially on national television.

People rarely hear about postpartum depression among dads, because there is a stigma that they are supposed to be the stronger ones between a couple. But paternal PPD is a reality, and many dads out there might be experiencing it. Adam hopes that his decision to come out and talk about his depression would help other dads cope with their own struggles.

In a statement to People, Adam Busby said he wants men to feel that they are not alone and to feel comfortable talking about their feelings and struggles. People suffering from depression need help and support from friends and family, instead of keeping silent about it and dealing with it on their own.

Adam and Danielle suffered from fertility struggles before they have their eldest daughter, Blayke, 6. They went through it again and had the all-female quintuplets, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, Parker, who are now two years old. The family stars on "OutDaughtered," which is now in its third season.